Wonderful Natural Treasures Offered by Thailand

Thailand, a tropical Southeast Asian country has to offer as many natural miracles as in history and culture. Mother Nature with its incredible landscapes, clean beaches and islands, various wildlife and dense green forests, this beautiful country is undoubtedly a natural paradise. Visit in Thailand is indeed an opportunity to explore almost all aspects of nature. In this article we look at Thailand's natural treasures.

Topography: Thailand's diverse landscape with its varied landscapes: from tropical rainforests to mountainous regions and sandy shores of dignified rivers and mangroves are dirty throughout the country. The northern part of the country consists of mountainous regions and the Thai mountains. The highest point is Doi Inthanon in Thanon Thong Chai Range, with a height of approx. 845 ft. In the northeast, the Khorat plateau dominates the eastern Mekong River. The flat Chao Phraya River Valley governs the center of Thailand as well as numerous water bodies and seaside towns.

Thailand's most valuable natural resource is the Andaman Sea, boasting one of Asia's most attractive seaside resorts The beautiful "Phucket", lush green "Krabi", exotic Pattaya and fun Phang Nga. These seaside towns are wonderfully beautiful, and tourists are enriched with infinite pleasures and delights.

Air Condition: Perfect Location between Cancer and Equatorial Tropical Area, Thailand boasts the weather and vegetation of Tropical Country. Simple words hot and damp. From mid-March to mid-March, Thailand has heavy rainfall; In the Indian Ocean during this time wavy monsoons swarm across the country. Then the cool season begins with November and end of February. This is really the most pleasant time in Thailand, and the "high season" for tourists and tourists really. From March to the middle of May, the hot season, which shows the temperature over 30 minutes above most times.

Wildlife: Thailand has a rich version of wildlife. The country hosts thousands of different birds of birds and animals, some of which are quite rare. Visit its zoos, animal reserves and bird sanctuaries, and discover the wonderful breeds of animals and birds. In Thailand, you are more likely to encounter elephants. Northern forests are the home of lions, tigers and many endangered wildlife. Bird watching in Thailand is very popular. Large numbers of travelers visit this country to discover their strange and interesting bird species. Azure winged pitta and eastern horns and bright pheasants can see magnificent birds in the eagles in Thailand. In addition, there are various snakes, vipers and pancakes, while hiking in the forests in the mountains in Thailand.

Whether exploring nature or adventure is a hiking fantasy, nothing can be more exciting than a Thai tour. Take an appropriate Thailand package from a reliable source and lead this wonderful country. Definitely, this would be your experience.

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