Put Your Mobile Phone Into My Eye

Text Messaging, Tweeting, Facebook, Emailing, Instagraming, Uploading, Downloading, Blogging, Touting, Tumblering And a whole host of other "New Normal for Today's Younger Generations that keeps their cell phones under eye and is far from the real eyeballs of others." We all have the experience of wanting to talk to someone just for the person to pretend to be half- It's just fun and it's not free, it's really annoying and irritating I'm sorry to say that the new normal is every day interpersonal communication And if accidentally a person does not deal with one of the above, they will talk to someone On their cell phone – everywhere, everywhere.

Today's Mobile and Technology Generic They are walking while they are on the bus or on the subway while they are watching TV while they are lying in bed when sitting at the table and most of all when someone is trying to talk personally. It's almost as if it is better to communicate with this generation through mobile devices and not from person to person. This raises the question: is this life? Have we been downgraded to a techno-talkers society that only experiences consciousness on the screen or through the loudspeaker of the mobile device? Undoubtedly, over the age of 40 people became the biggest generation of people in the history of mankind. There never existed such behavioral differences between one generation and the other. So, of those who are older, they renounce ourselves to the new existence? We accept? Will we take a digital white flag, recognize the defeat and join?

Apart from the seriously missing humanity of today's technological generation, there are other things that widen the gap between younger and older. Instead of jeans and neckties, "hoody". It was an occasional Friday every single day. Due to the pre-timed simple features, the return of phone calls, handshaking, eye contact, and good grammar, slang, abbreviations, emoticons, and usual delays were placed in a disadvantageous situation. We no longer support models of good character and behavior. Today's generation is idolizing those who lie, cheat, steal, swear, and act in acts that were once scorned and condemned. So where are we going? What can we expect?

As I wrote earlier, I think that today is not right, there is no clear difference between public and private behavior. We do not strive to maintain the highest and greatest ideals in our public domain. As a result, there are no models or standards facing the current generation. It is not the younger generation who is mistaken. We are all. We all share the responsibility to create a better world. We are all talking about the bigger circle of life. We have allowed ourselves to reduce the norms we all held ourselves publicly. We will not leave any standards, frameworks, and models that the present generation seeks for.

It is time for society to return to the responsibility of the individual. Behind every man who complains about today's youth is one who has not been as good as he can.

Source by Brian C Haggerty

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