Travel to Italy – Rome and Venice

Where to start when we are talking about Italy. Well, if you want to travel, Rome and Venice are a good starting point.


Did you hear that? It goes without saying that Rome has quite a past. Let's see it in Rome … [deep breath] … the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Piazza Navona, the Saint Agnese Church, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and the guy named Allassandro. Just be careful to watch. In fact, Rome is filthy with historically significant sights. Looks like you can not turn around without building an emperor, capturing or destroying it. For those who risk potential anger, there are new Divinci Code rides that take them to places in the book.

Rome is seriously a city that you must visit at least once. No article could have done justice, so I'll stop here. Venice

I love to refer to Venice as a floating city, despite its seemingly sinking. If you saw Venice movies or television shows, the pictures are accurate. Piazza San Marco looks exactly like birds and all. The Grande canal is a large canal that boast amazing houses and ships that will raise this water. There is not much room for growth in the muddy dung on the lagoon. Over time it seems paralyzed.

Having conquered the tourist attractions, it's time to take Venice seriously. The best way to stay in front of a hotel or hostel is to determine the direction in which the tourist attractions are shown and go in the opposite direction. Although you may feel like you are on a bad road for a few minutes, you will eventually enter Venice.

A completely different side of Venice will appear and you will love it. Find small cafes with locals who are happy to talk to you [and non-tourist prices]. In fact, the Venetians tend to pay close attention to you because you are a tourist who avoids tourist areas. This of course will logically lead to his nephew, brother's son, and so on. The next thing you can do is complain to Italian politicians and the fact that things were better in the past.

While Rome and Venice are excellent travel destinations, it really can not be bad in Italy. For the adventurer, set the route on the old map wall and darts

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