Marketing Blog – Part 1

Before I engage in creating an online marketing blog, it's very important that you first need to know what's behind the blog. 99% of most marketers always make this mistake by looking for a product in the clickbank or paydotcom on the basis of the sales of the product family.


The real secret to making tons of money online, it's hard to believe, but do not sell products related to internet marketing. By doing online research on keywords, you first need to know if there is a demand for this product by looking at the basic terms that people can search for. For example, if you are keyword search for computer hardware in the open toolbar, 59832 searches per month on the keyword's computer hardware. Tell this when you are making a demand for your marketing blog.

Choosing the right keyword. You must know the competition. The keyword computer hardware has a huge competition of 390,000,000 sites for computer hardware.

Some guidelines when doing the research, Demand should be over 1000 and a keyword worthy of up to 2 million for Search Engine Optimization.

Step 2 – Find the Right Product to Sell

Now that you know what keywords are great booths, you want to find the product to sell these people. The best and most lucrative type of product you would like to sell would be digital information.

When choosing your affiliate product, you want to take two key issues. First of all, product quality is a good product. The best way to find out how to purchase the product is to test the things you teach in the e-book.

The second most important thing to look at is the sales copy of the product. Because we only get the attention of the internet in the first 4 seconds, we want to make sure that the sales copy is done. Read the sales copy, would you like to buy this product? These are the few things you want to take into account when choosing a product.

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