The best way to travel

The best way to travel really depends on the person who is on vacation and the destination they choose.

A more independent, adventurous personality most likely chooses the flexibility of a self-drive tour, while a person who loses and manages everything is a guided or group tour, depending on what kind of company they are.

"Flexi Drives" in Adventure
Truthfully, self-guided tours are truly "flexi drives" where intrepid traveler can add, modify, adapt and replace essentially any aspect of the route , including preferred routes, activities and even accommodations.

There is no stiffness, but at the same time they are captured by the intensive knowledge and local knowledge of dedicated tour operators who help them in every step, from design to Routing with the customer, constantly feedback to the meeting place and welcoming them at the airport to hand over the key to the rented car. As long as your destination is reliably secure, with good road networks and reasonable infrastructure, self-propelled hiking is undoubtedly the best way to experience African safari.

  • Customers can buy until it slip because there are no luggage limitations except luggage size
  • In case of an emergency or other problems safety net (19459013)
  • unique attractions; a big plus with a big 5 safaris
  • No stray travelers
  • The disadvantages of self-government tours:
    Undoubtedly the costs. Wagering cars and gasoline are contributing to these days as a premium and the tour operator will not be able to buy a "###" purchase, which usually keeps the cost of accommodation and transportation in the group scenario.

    Experimental or guided tours are the best of both worlds
    Experimental or guided tours are the best in both worlds. The customer still has all the benefits of privacy and flexibility, but can also pass on bar codes to the local guide, who usually has a leading role. One of the main disadvantages of an escaped tour is that it may prove quite expensive. The customer and his party must pay not only the experts' experts, but all their food, accommodation and entry fees to national parks or other excursions.

    Group tours provide security, companionship and little effort
    people, women and the elderly. The group offers security, company and comfort as well as an ideal opportunity to create new friends. This is also the cheapest way to purchase the volume. The disadvantages of group tours:

    • There is often no time to get a single place
    • Sometimes we can skip cultural experiences when we're overly busy with the group

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