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Probably the most sought-after topic in internet marketing – how to get more traffic to your sites.

No matter whether you're selling your own products, promoting affiliate offers, or searching for AdSense clicks, you will not earn a cents if you do not get traffic to your site.

. It requires not only traffic but also targeted traffic – people who are interested in what they offer.

In this article, we look at several ways – both paid and free – to visit more visitors to your site. Some of these methods generate instant traffic, while others need to be prolonged

By diversifying traffic generating by multiple methods, you can quickly rotate while steadily rising over a longer period of time.

Let's go right …

Before we look at the specific methods that generate traffic on the webpage, we have to talk about what type of traffic should be targeted

and bad traffic.

The right traffic for visitors who are not only interested in what they offer them are willing and able to take the action they want to take. The bad man is simply the opposite – the visitors who are probably not going to take the "most wanted action".

Let's look at some examples …

First of all, let's have an affiliate review site. Publish your posts and other content on your site with affiliate links for those products. If someone buys an offer, you get a commission.

If you generate a lot of traffic, but not so many people are willing to spend money, you will not benefit much from them. A good example would be a market where visitors are mostly teens. Although they may be interested in the subject and are willing to buy what they are advertising, most of them will not be able to buy because they do not have a credit card and their parents can not afford to use them.

Such a market would better suit a site that displays AdSense ads and this leads to our second example. Let's say you have a site that's just AdSense. In this case, it does not matter much if visitors can buy because they pay when they click on an ad, regardless of what they are doing after they leave your site.

If the market is a lot of "clickers" who do not become buyers, the ads will not pay very well, but we will be leaving this time.

From a pure conversion point, you want visitors to find a solution to your problem – and hopefully ads on your site are offering this solution. Again, you want to target the right people to get the maximum number of clicks on your ads.

When you generate a lot of traffic that is looking for free solutions or just looking for information, it's not a lot of clicks. So traffic will not necessarily be more lucrative.

Before you start generating traffic, be sure to target the right people for your bid. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time or money or both will make little or no return for your efforts.

Free Traffic

Free traffic is certainly the two (the other paid traffic). Many Internet marketers do not have the capital to start traffic, so free traffic is a better way.

Some marketers do not really understand the economy of paying traffic either. quite another problem. If you can make a profit, or just break that you pay to get to your site, it really does not matter. Generally, marketers see the cost side of the equation without taking into account the profit side, but we will report this in more detail when we discuss the paid traffic sources soon.

traffic, two types – short-term and long-term traffic. Some methods can create visitors on your site in a very short time, sometimes almost immediately. Other methods need to give a boost for longer, but they typically drive traffic to the site for a longer period of time after they've started.

The generation of short-term traffic

examines the three sources of short-term traffic that can work well if properly implemented:

1. Forum marketing

2. Guest blogging

Forum Marketing

Forum Marketing

Forum Marketing is one of the easiest ways to get short term traffic, especially if you're already active or on any popular forum on the market.

Note: In this report, there are many examples of an Internet marketing gap, as most readers will be somewhat familiar. Every strategy works the same way in other markets so do not let yourself be caught by thinking "this is just the internet marketing websites work" – that's just not true.

Most forums allow you to add a "signature" to your profile that you add at the end of each post. To sign it, you can attach a link to your site and a short action call to get people to do it.

If you're active on the board and provide good value in your posts, people click on the signup link. Especially when it offers some value on the market as a free report, webinar or other incentive.

The most important thing here must be an active part of the community and give value. If you just sign up for a forum, enter the signature link and start randomly with "Hey, great post!" do not expect much from transport.

First enter the value and people will respond

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is another great way to "siphon" traffic to the community's interest in the market. The blog is a bit less interactive than a forum but has a number of similarities.

Find some of your most popular blogs on the market and see if you're accepting guest bloggers. Some pages are up in this regard, on a page that explains exactly how they can become a guest blogger. Other sites do not advertise, but if you've spent a little time reading the existing posts, you can see whether the same person is writing to them or if the site used guest visitors in the past.

Generally, guest accounts have a resource box or author line that provides more information about the author and a link to their website. If you see any of these, it's a good sign that your site accepts your posts.

The key to getting your post is to recommend a good quality article that the blog owner is not crazy about. Spend even more time than I normally do by researching, outlining, and writing such positions. Even though this time means a surplus, you can get a lot of traffic by clicking on your site if your guest post runs through a highly trafficked blog.

And as this traffic cuts slow down once, the post has been live for a while, this can be indefinitely long as this post gains in search engines. In addition, the resource link that goes back to your site will help you in the long run in SEO, so this is a powerful strategy.

Article Reports

is another effective traffic strategy that gives you short and long-term benefits. Like guest movies, short-term traffic comes from people who link through resource box links to your site.

By submitting articles to oversight websites, they can take advantage of search engines to quickly rank articles and generate traffic. This direct traffic can continue in the long run if the article allows some traction between Google and other search engines, but it also helps to better rank your site and launchs your own search engine traffic.

This will create long-term traffic strategies …

Generate long-term traffic

We will consider three long-term strategies for gaining traffic to your site:

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization

2. Social media

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is probably the most common free traffic strategy. It has dozens of techniques in ranking search engine development and products that teach you how to implement them. Some of these methods work year after year while others are short-lived. You will also see a number of methods that can be considered as gray hats or "hats", which means the operating conditions of one or more search engines, or even more legal lines.

You have to decide exactly which lines you want to pass to get traffic to your site, but keep in mind that things that pass through this line are rather short-lived techniques. They may require less work but may spend more time or money in the long run to maintain traffic, because things have changed unchanged.

SEO is a huge topic that goes far beyond this report, but let's just look at some of the most important principles.

There are two main factors for SEO – site and site optimization. On-site optimization is like using keywords in strategic sites on their pages:

– The TITLE tag

– The content of the page

-Image ALT tags


Repeated duplication of duplicate keywords across the page (filling out the so-called keywords) would improve results, but search engines far outweighed. Do not just use the keywords and other related terms of course in the content.

Offline optimization actually covers links to your site. The more links you get from related pages that have the power of search engines, the better your site ranking (and the more traffic you get).

Here begins overlapping short and long-term strategies. If you're using short-term traffic strategies that we're just looking for to get fast traffic to your sites, they help you in the long run in SEO.

Signatures for the forum, guest blog posts, and submitted articles will help your site up-graded search engine rankings, so when they first live, they will be able to work in the short term in the market for long periods of time.

] Therefore, it's a good idea to continue these things, even if your site starts to run in search engines. It continues to control both immediate and longer-term traffic. Social media

Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are a relatively new way to traffic. should be misunderstood. Many marketers use them as a kind of "advertising" service, new bids, affiliate promotions, new blog posts, and anything else that people need to visit. "19459002

then think that social media does not work because no one is looking for relationships.

The fact is that social media is a longer-term traffic strategy. you may expect to click on the links you send

Example: Think of "real world" If you went to a party or meeting, would you only have a sales pitch for everyone you talk to? First, to know each other and what they can do?

To treat social media as having a "real life" – first you can offer value and build trust from your followers before bumping into a bunch of deals. ]

Building Relationships

Building Relationships Do Not Actually Guarantee si method itself, but virtually every other strategy applies to a certain extent. If you build a relationship with site visitors or other content sites, it will be much more successful in the long run.

Having a strong relationship with visitors is far more likely to come back. And restoring traffic is a key to a very successful web site.

Look at this. If you get 100 visitors a day and you can not find them to return to your site after clicking an ad or an affiliate link, you will need to find 100 new visitors per day to maintain the results. ] However, if you receive 100 visitors a day and get 10 "contact" to return to your site, you can increase your future traffic without having to find new visitors. It's too simple, but let's say they're coming back the next day. There are 110 visitors out of which 10 will be return traffic.

Every day you go, you get more and more traffic while still generating just 100 new visitors. Over time your traffic will increase even if you do not do more work to find new people than you

One of the best ways to create these relationships and create returning visitors is our next traffic strategy – list building

Generating traffic through an e- mail list

One of the biggest advantages of creating an email list is that it allows its own traffic If you have a list of interested people on the market, no matter if tomorrow Google, Facebook and all other traffic sources will stop – you can even generate traffic by sending an email to your list

And if you have a completely new page or web site that you want to control your traffic, you can do so.

You can create a web page in the next half hour, send an email

on the list, and in a few minutes you can see your site traffic.

Even if you pay for traffic, it's hard enough for visitors in a minute,

Building a transport strategy a bit Catch-22. You will not be able to create "on-demand" traffic until you have built up a list and create a list to rotate another source first.

It is therefore important to use all of the strategies we're talking about, but please allow visitors to subscribe to the email list so they can contact you over and over again. marketing is intimidated by paid traffic. They may have been burned in the past or are afraid of losing much money. This is definitely a cause for concern and should therefore approach the paid traffic to a certain extent.

But the fact is that if you do well, paid traffic does not have to pay much money to test, and if you figure out how to make it profitable (or just break it), it does not matter to you anything – puts it in $ X and returns Y dollars.

different paid traffic sources so we can not all discuss this in this report but let's look at some of the most popular (and effective).

Pay Per Click

or PPC, advertising includes resources such as Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter. Pays a certain amount to any person who clicks on your ad and visits your site. This amount may range from several cent to several dollars, depending on which market and keyword you are targeting.

If you're not careful, PPC ads can chew a lot of money for a pretty short time, so it's important to get it right.

Make sure you're not targeting really broad keywords that get a lot of clicks but badly targeted visitors.

Example: You probably do not want to target the "weight loss" keyword because it would cost you a fortune and visitors can look for countless things when they arrive at your site.

It would be better if you targeted your keywords "how to lose 10 pounds a month" (assuming your site can help solve this problem) because the amount of traffic will not be as high for a very specific thing.

You also have to set your daily budget to set things up for which you are comfortable. So if your ads are not converted for any reason, there is a limit to how much you can lose.

If you find a profitable keyword / ad combination, you can start expanding it. Successful implementation of PPC ads requires a lot of testing and tracking

Ad Ads

People have said banner ads die for more than 10 years but the fact still works if properly . If you just blossom a bunch of flags into the "ape monkey" as much as you can, there are so many chances that you will not be very profitable.

But if you select sites where you want to advertise how important they are to their target market and plan banners effectively, they can still sell relatively low prices.

Like PPC ads, start small and track the results. Once you find a banner and / or site that works for you, you have started expanding these successful campaigns to other places.

Paid Ezine Advertisements

Payed ezine ads are another "old school" traffic generation that still works very well. Basically, you pay an ad to another merchant's email list. This may be a small advertisement placed in a longer newsletter or a "solo" ad that is nothing more than an offer.

This is a great way to get traffic to your site (and hopefully your email list in the process) by using another list of people.

The most important thing here is to target the offer to the audience. Make sure you subscribe to the marketing listing yourself and read more emails about what sound you are using and what promotions you offer.

Want to set your ad to invite people who receive e-mail from this person, so make sure that something is valuable and what you offer will be appealing to email recipients.


is a new source of paid traffic and is constantly changing as more and more people use it. But with hundreds of millions of users and those with very specific interests and demographic targeting, you need to be included in your paid traffic strategy.

The key to Facebook's effective use is to remember that most people are "given there," they are there to be social. Most Facebook users are not there, even if they appear to be For us, for internet marketers, so if you arrive at a high-pressure track (paid or not), you probably will not go too well

It's hanging again to build relationships with people that you know and trust in you.


Hopefully, this article gives you a little better idea, can generate traffic to your site, but also what you need to do with this with traffic as it arrives

New traffic sources are coming and going, but the strategies discussed here Although it will never hurt to test new strategies and add them to the mix, do not put yourself in the last "glossy object" that promises unlimited traffic with little or no work.

Such promises are usually too good to be true, and even if they're working with advertisements they're usually short lived. If people who search for magic buttons start abusing the technique, they will not stop working long.

If you build a traffic strategy based on a solid foundation, you'll see more and have more visitors coming to your site in the coming years.

Source by Dan Martin Noble

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