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Over the last decade or more Thailand has been popularized as the destination of UK real estate buyers. The incredibly beautiful coastal regions of the country, including the most well-known names, such as Phuket and Ko Samui, conquered customers who also acknowledged the relatively low prices and good investment opportunities in the country.

However, there are always issues that arise in the legal integration and abandonment of property rights – since Thailand has a very different land and property system than in Europe, Australia or the United States. The law is complicated, but it must be schematically clear that: it allowed and encouraged foreigners to buy property in Thailand – but what can not buy the land.

* Do not believe anyone who suggests that there are methods that are aimed at obtaining the law. # 39; This is wrong. This may have been true in the past, but since the military coup in 2006, the government has been prolonged to ensure that the law is properly respected.

* You are now more strictly interpreting the rules of ownership through the company. If you operate a foreign business in Thailand, you can purchase land through your Thai limited company. The land will be owned by the Thai company, not the individual.

* The company must be a legitimate business and properly establish Thai laws. You should ask a qualified lawyer to apply the most appropriate structure.

* Condominium buyers can purchase free property if the total foreign property does not exceed 49% of the entire structure. Thus, although there are many other ways to buy free trade in Thailand, the road to most foreigners can lease land for 30 years. This is well defined by law, and although not the owner of the land, it may be the owner of the structure he owns.

Thailand is a beautiful and desirable country to live and thousands of foreigners bought property in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Usually foreigners prefer Thailand [] as long as they comply with the law. Recent speculation has refused to invest in Thailand, but it does not come from a foreign sentiment, but rather to close down those loopholes that allowed too much under the law under the last government.

Source by Stephen Fielding

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