Thai Coup – Bangkok Still in Visit

Thailand has seen rifles but it is the first long time. If you've been in Thailand or politics recently, this coup is not surprising for several reasons. Many people experience very high levels of corruption, out-of-court treatment of the drug problem and the sale of a significant Thai communication tool to a foreign country, as the Prime Minister manages the opposition and the Muslims rise in the three southern provinces. The political struggle of the commander-in-chief increases the military nervousness with the ex-prime minister now to preserve his power even though a large and singular group of people wants to see him. The military involvement of the South Muslim uprising is disturbing to them and negotiations need to be initiated with urgent problems and a peaceful solution. To this end, Thailand first controls a General, General Sontai, who controls the military and who now appears to be a new Prime Minister. Thailand is mainly a Buddhist country, very tolerant of minorities, and it may seem to be a better journey than trying to try out violent violent muscles, which does not work and is opposed? All Thai people love the king! The Thai king is today the longest ruling ruler in the world, the 60th anniversary of which was a great celebration. When you are walking in Bangkok, it's wonderful to look at all the Thai people who wear yellow shirts, proudly proclaiming their love for the king a few weeks after the celebration.

The new commander of the army is close to the king, and if he supports the king, people also support him. Nobody was injured yet! However, it is quite certain that the success of the story is going to be the most dramatic and sensitive, and international news will make more damage to Thai people than the Coup or the broken Prime Minister. Thailand is not only suffering from Thailand, but smaller countries bordering Thailand, particularly in Cambodia and Laos, are receiving many land tourism from Thailand. Bangladesh travelers are a bit nervous now, but they will be safe and have a great story when they arrive home. Thailand is a great place to visit, as always, and continue. Reserve the tickets now and come to the new Bangkok airport in the current situation, you can be sure to find great prices in the near future, here you will find it!

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