Time travel is inevitable?

Time travel is a theme that has seemingly fascinated people for centuries. Star movies were written in popular sci-fi novels and danced on television shows. The concept is simple, from time to time moves to another time. In fact, we are all old; we are slowly going to the future. Scientists have made a number of theories about how time travel can work. The most respected theory is Einstein's theory of relativity, E = MC2. In this theory, E represents the energy units, m the mass units, and c2 means the square velocity of light. In a nutshell Einstein's equation theory shows that closer things are moving near the speed of light, the slower the time it takes. There are many other well-known theories that contain earrings and paradoxes, such as bootstrap, grandfather, and multiple universes. There are also some theories that suggest the time travel through outside experiences, where the mind can leave their body and go to another time and place. But this argument should be considered as physical time travel only. For example, suppose that in the future mankind is creating a spaceship or machine that can manipulate time by approaching the light speed. Basically, in the future, technology enables us to bend time and space, and this ability enables us to know in the past and in the future the ability to regulate space length, width and depth, and time controlled by the device. When creating such a machine, you can travel in time and time with the duration and speed of the speed you are traveling.

If possible, the logical assumption is that future people will travel over time. Some of these individuals are likely to visit the time we live in. There are some theories that think that time travel is scientifically impossible, but if a person traveled in the past, their actions would change history. Based on the technological progress that emerged over the past 20 years (mobile phones, computers, internet, etc.), we can say that anything and everything possible is just a matter of time. If something is possible, individuals are already using this tool.

How can the people of our time or the past look back to the future that do not affect the past events of our lives? First, it is assumed that the cost of such machine building exceeds the assets of any individual or company. Probably more than one country can make joint financing efforts. Therefore, the answer would simply be the extremely controlled and controlled use of time travel. Linking to the ever-increasing pace of controlling and supervising all aspects of everyday life by using a time-traveling device, it is likely to result in an environment in which time travel is performed by a complete and absolute control of a regulatory body. This ensures that history does not change. According to this assumption, time travel can not be an option but a reality.

Source by Michael Zuren PhD.

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