Ten Ways to Find Alpha and Beta Games

You can find alpha, beta, or early access games in a variety of ways. Let me share with you the methods that have worked for me:

1) Community media – You can find games on Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and Pinterest. Searches for alpha games, beta games or new releases. If you are on these platforms, our friends can talk about these games. Go and see what conversations are being made about the game or video.

2) Steam is a platform where you can buy games, connect with other players, and buy software. When you're on Steam, go to the store and find early access. If you want alpha or beta games, go to Steam Greenlight. This is the point where the idea is raised. Sometimes there are some demos you can try.

3) Another game mode for Steam if you are in a certain group if you're a friend or developer friend. They can also tell you what you can do.

4) The same method applies to Slack and Discord Conversation Platforms at Number 3. The discord is fairly new. Laziness is not necessarily new if you have not heard of them yet. Do not forget to check Crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. When you can search for games in these places. For example, if you go to Kickstarter.com, select Explore. Then go to Categories. After selecting the Games you will find different types of games. You have to read the different games and see if there is a demo to try. You also have the option to subscribe to alpha or beta versions.

Another site that is not bulk; however, the location of games in the alpha, beta, or early access phase is IndieDB. You do not buy anything here. (Similar to steam, but does not buy).

6) YouTube – Do not forget to look. You can find games through your favorite YouTube. Do not forget about other video platforms.

7) Do not forget to read the Blogs for the reader. Check game bloggers or even game news. There is an information world that is shared in linking the links.

8) An easy way to think that you did not think you should perform Google search. Let's face the facts; many people still use search engines.

9) The last way is to go to Reddit. Check out if there is a game or art forum. If not, do the search.

10) Do not forget about fun activities, such as gaming games. The better way to find new games on the horizon.

You can find alpha, beta, and early access games virtually anywhere. Do not worry that you will find and play later on. Alfa and beta games always come out. Every game must be tested before it is released. As long as you do not leave this world, there will always be alpha and beta games. Do not miss out on getting some vitamin D. The computer screen does not count as vitamin D. There are always games.

Source by Erica Wagner

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