Health Tourism – Guide to Thailand

Remember Medical Tourism and a country, Thailand, is constantly coming. Thailand is home to medical tourism, more than 300,000 visitors can be visited in 2003, rising to approximately 1.4 million in 2006. While most affiliated Bangkoks are bright, with golden temples, shining health institutions attract the Medical Tourists.

Thailand's medical sector scale is amazing: the bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok has treated nearly 1 million patients last year; Out of 400,000 foreign patients 120,000 were from Europe and America.

Healthcare excellence is a family tradition in Thailand. The present king's father, Duke Mahidol, a US doctor with a charity certificate, began to reform the country's health system in the 1920s. To date, there is a close relationship with the US medical profession, and a large number of Thai physicians have been trained and supplied in America before returning to practice. Medical excellence reaches all aspects of Thai governance that provides a truly integrated approach to improving standards.

Quality assurance is one of the key elements of the Thai healthcare sector, with regard to the national standard of hospital accreditation for the highest standards of laboratory testing.

Thailand's medical expertise extends to every conceivable situation. Heart and liver transplants were first performed in the 1980's. This tradition of world leadership in medicine continues to this day.

The Bangkok BHN Hospital has recently been one of the few world-wide devices that offer full artificial scratch padding. Not only foreign expertise is leading Thailand's medical profession; the increasing inventory of home talent is pushing the boundaries of health knowledge.

One of the most prestigious state hospital in Thailand, the Siriraj hospital in Bangkok, recently reported stem cell therapy for severe heart disease in the American Heart Association confirms the reputation of countries as the world leader in medical research.

The parallel level of cutting-edge technology and patient care means that it is impossible to ignore Thailand when it comes to medical tourism.

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