Homestay experience in Thailand?

So are you interested in a homestay experience in a rural hilltribe community in northern Thailand? Loud! Just remember, do not expect luxury or hotel accommodations. Be prepared for the rather simple accommodations without having too many amenities. Probably the shower will be very primitive and a bucket of cold water will be left empty on your own and the toilet will be the traditional Thai squatting toilet that is low on the floor and not self-supporting; to pour a bucket or two water to rinse the toilet. Do not worry; If you choose the right homelyness, you get a very rustic but clean room in a functional bed. Do not wait for gourmet food, but the food should be very tasty and healthy. Village ladies who prepare their meals are probably very experienced chefs and are well acquainted with their own culinary traditions. If we are vegetarians, we are able to accommodate you. Only one tip – if you live with a mountain community – Akha, Hmong, Lisu, Lahu, Karen or Mien would not be offensive, to research their culture and history in advance.

While not having personal experience in Thailand alone, I had the opportunity to spot a relatively new homestay in the mountains, about an hour's drive from Chiang Mai, the North Thaiföld tourist center. The rooms were simple and small as expected but very clean and had a small outside terrace with chairs and a small room inside the room to place personal belongings. The villagers both raised tea and coffee in their immediate neighborhood, and many of them engaged in farming and other farming activities in the community. The package was presented at the community's gift shop and I bought a special cushion with aromatic green tea. For some strange reason, I thought the American customs could break if he was looking for marijuana, but he did not even take a look.

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