Phuket – The Gem of the Andaman Sea

Phuket, the largest and most accessible island on the southwest coast of Thailand, is also one of the most varied and most advanced. Blessed with the richness of natural resources to conquer the visitor. Limestone cliffs, sandy sandy beaches, rocky sandy areas, calm devastating bays and wooded tropical interior. In addition to its natural assets, Phuket offers a variety of accommodation and entertainment for everyone.

Phuket Island is about 850 kilometers south of Bangkok. The province includes 590 square kilometers, including 39 small islands. The main island includes the 540 km square and 48 kilometers north to south and 21 kilometers to the east of the west.

As the island is the largest in Thailand, it is very beautiful beaches, others. That's all that you're looking for.

Phuket is connected to the motherland by two bridges. These include the narrow strip of water that separates Phuket from the province of Phang-Nga on the northern side of the island. The rest of Phuket lies just in the tropical Andaman Sea.

The island has many pointed mountainous forests, ranging from north to south and flat plains. However, it is the jewel of the Andaman Sea and its palm-sized beaches that have contributed to becoming South Africa's richest and most visited island. It attracts thousands of visitors annually. Many are pleased to relax on its many beaches, but the most adventurous Phuket is the diving center at the world's dive sites, short boat trips and facilities at all levels.

Year shared in the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season falls from May to October, September and October are the most loser. The dry season will gradually become warmer and hotter from November to April until the rain begins. The most pleasant time to visit, but the most busy, from November to February. At present, the blue sky and the spectacular sunsets are the usual as well as the cool sea breeze and the average temperature ranges from 23 ° C to 33 ° C. Phuket has something to offer to those looking for more than the beach. Phuket Town with Chinese-Portuguese architecture, markets, temples and a friendly little town atmosphere is a place where you can enjoy a real Thai lifestyle and enjoy the bustle – just take care of the narrow streets with all the motorbikes! Phuket Island's food and restaurants for every taste and budget. Surrounded by the rich Andaman Sea, it is not surprising that sea food is exceptional. Accommodation from five-star world-class resorts to simple bamboo beachfront bungalows can be found in everything.

However, we focus on the top sector. Phuket is not only the most popular destination in southern Thailand, but also extremely popular among Hong Kong and Singapore people and other foreigners looking for a holiday destination. There is no other place in Thailand, as expensive as in Phuket. There are many rich people living here, and the offered property is largely aimed at a higher level.

Since Phuket was a well-known tourist destination in the world, the tsunami was right or wrong. Compared to other Thai provinces, Phuket actually suffered less damage and suffered lower deaths. Compared to other neighboring countries, Thailand was perhaps the smallest problem. Just a few days after the tsunami, many beach bars were open and ready for business. Since then, the Thai Government (focusing on large corporations) and other organizations have been paying close attention and assistance to carry on business and to operate and to promote tourism in the area. Along with the warning sirens and the "tsunami evacuation route" signs, there is little evidence that the tragic events of 26 December 2004 have ever happened


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