Special Features of Thai Women

Thai women are very beautiful and, unlike many Asian women, they do not usually get much weight.
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The economy of Thailand is booming, but there is still a big difference between the rich and the poor. Many in Bangkok live in slums, and many are poor peasants in the North and Northeast.

Traditionally, their children were sent to massage salons or the second wife of the rich.

Many Bangkok prostitutes are well trained and
are relatively rich.

Some people do regular work during the day and simply complement their inbound work as part-time escort or some late-night cafes where foreigners know they are coming.

Trained Bangkok women who are not prostitutes
while "beautiful Asian women" who are most willing to
go abroad with a date.

These are relatively revised and are subject to Western exposure. Still, they respect the respect and loyalty of traditional men.

They have taboo tabs, but do not physically inhibit
because their religion does not teach that body and sex are evil. They know that men need sex and their role is to give to their husbands.

Even if you don't like it as much as you do, they have no heads. English is taught in Thai schools, so the taught Thais speaks quite well.

One thing to remember if you stay for a long time, even a bar girl is jealous.

Many Thai people have lovers. They keep them away from the main family.

Many Thai men go to massage rooms, and many Thai women also encourage this, but only because there is no emotional clash.

The Thai women have traditionally taken away the second wife of her husband
when she could afford her, but the condition of her first wife was guaranteed.

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