Traveling to Thailand to Study Muay Thai (Part 6) Some Tips in Thailand

Holy Smoking, I'm Really Here! In Phuket, Thailand, I studied at Muay Thai on Tiger Muay Thai. It was a lifelong dream, and finally I do. Not just what I'm learning amazingly. But the full Thai experience & # 39; was already out of the world! I would like to take this opportunity to give you some tips from Thailand and I have shared some general comments that were useful to the first visitor in Thailand.

Stay in Thailand is certainly an adjustment for the West. For beginners, the climate is in contrast to what I have ever experienced. Nearly 100 degrees, 95% humidity, which is certainly common.

There is no spring, summer, autumn and winter, rather there is a rainy season and not so much & # 39; Rainy season. The rain strikes at any moment, and you can throw away the rain, then bright and sunny moments later.

This is some wonderful workouts in Tiger Muay Thai. The whole camp is outdoors, but has tinned roofs that cover training areas. The tone of the rain on the roof of the tin and the constant conversation of the Thai coaches, shouting to their students, gives a very unique and distinct sound.

The climate is not the only thing that is different in Thailand. People are very unique too. Although my travel experience is somewhat limited, I traveled to another country. One thing I noticed in Thailand is very clean. The shop owners are always visible at the beginning of their stores, sweeping and garbage.

I don't remember seeing homeless people in downtown. Many residents were very humble, but everyone seemed to be above the roof.

The streets are flooded with motorcycles. Actual motorcycles, though few, use Thais scooters as their primary mode of transport. Almost every family has one. Often you can see the whole family on motorcycles (up to 5 deep). I have no idea that we all will stay.

The Thai leadership is also an experience. He recalled the synchronous swimming. There are some motorcycles that are moving in every conceivable direction, with very little recognition of street lights or signs, but rarely see traffic accidents. When it happened, there was always a western man.

I personally never hired a motor scooter in Thailand, although most people. For beginners, on the opposite side of the road, and I knew I would forget, then they would go to a Thai hospital … No thanks! I also saw the police pulling the foreigners shaking. The cops will pull and find something wrong with the paperwork and push the money out. It is said that a cop in Thailand is indisputable. Just find out how much they want, pay, and on the go. It wasn't worth it for me. I took a taxi everywhere and everything was terrible … why not?

Westerners are called "Falangs". by Thais. Thailand has a lot of Falang. Numerous ex-patriots (expats), Australia, England and the US have made Thailand home. It is not unusual for BEAUTIFUL's young Thai ladies to go with the OLD wrinkled Falangs. Unfortunately, these beautiful women are willing to make a sacrifice for someone who loves someone who takes care of them financially.

Chinese tourists are also abundant in Thailand. There seems to be a lot of money out there. As a taxi driver told me that Americans are spending a lot, but now it's Chinese.

People in most tourist areas speak English. They are taught in schools. English is often difficult to understand because their language is not Latin. They speak much differently than Westerners. Sound and pitch can give the same word to someone else.

I highly recommend that you talk a little bit about Thai before visiting. Thai shopkeepers have a price for foreigners and another for Thais. If you think you can talk a bit about the language, they will be much cheaper with you.

Thai food is simply amazing! I like spicy food and Thais brings heat. Of course you can ask that your food is not spicy, but if you admire yourself for a wonderful culinary experience.

Warning word for food purchased from street vendors; It is not uncommon to develop things known as "Thai Tummy". from the street food. This is a polite way to say you have the run.

Most shopkeepers have a Buddhist sanctuary that is located somewhere in their shop, and they always store fresh fruit or drinks and money with Buddha.

In a political sense, Thailand was a democratic monarchy, that is, I must say which means that the country is ruled by a king and ruled by elected officials. Before the article was written (December 2014), about a year ago, democratically elected officials were lost by a military soldier who removed the elected officers from power. As a result, some civil unrest occurred and a very famous sanctuary exploded, killing more tourists to protest against the new government.

The only thing you don't want to do in Thailand is to say nothing about the king. Thais is as passionate about his royal family as Buddha himself. In fact, even the shops that do not have a Buddhist sanctuary in the store have ALL a picture of the king. The king's image everywhere … billboards, sculptures, etc., No need to figure out who's responsible. Not only are the Thai people offended by saying something bad about the king, there are rigid sanctions for those who are. If you enter a coin bearing the king's image, the wrong penalty is punishable by 10 years' imprisonment. In fact, it was an Aussie who was sent to prison for ten years, saying that F&K was the king. in a bar. My best advice would be to avoid talking about the king because, frankly, you don't know what will hurt them when he or the queen touches that question.

Thais thinks your feet are dirty. Never direct your feet to the high state of the Buddha or the King, or any form (statue, image, sanctuary, etc.). In one of the most wonderful experiences of

you should always remove your shoes. Have a Thai massage & # 39; back in states. Trust me … There were no Thais massages. The Thai ladies are really masters of the ship. They know more about your body than you do. I found and corrected the errors without saying a word about it. The only thing I have to do with caution in Thailand … DO NOT tell a Thai masseur that he wants the hardest pressure. I wouldn't point this to the cook to bring her the most spicy food, and even worse the king … NO than for the full pressure, because that's HURT! A 90 lb woman hurt me worse than I ever hurt her, because I came to her store twice a day saying she didn't get the pain for the first time. He paid me!

However, I found that the Thai massage was as much a part of the Muay Thai training experience as the trainer's workbench. I wouldn't have known it all within 3 months without my body being backed by the Thai massage.

Maybe you've seen the traditional bow that Thais welcomes. This bow includes placing your hand in a praying position, and the person you salute will bow. However, many people do not know how to place your hand. If you place your hand on your chin or underneath it, you indicate that you think you are in a higher class than the one you bow. This is usually used as a polite gesture for a waiter or someone who provides you with a service. Placing on their nose shows a sense of mutual respect. This person belongs to the same class. Praying for the forehead would be reserved for any image of the great respectable man and Buddha or monk. Praying over your head is reserved for the king.

Because this article series is about Muay Thai, I suppose I have to include some information here. The most reliable advice I can give … HYDRATE! Drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout.

Also enjoy the journey. You will not get rid of the Thai camp's unharmed freedom, so take care of your body. Get plenty of rest and diet all.

Source by Mike Stidham

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