Koh Samui Weather in April

Koh Samui's daily average temperature ranges from 25.3 ° C to 28.1 ° C; ShaSa Resorts and Residences has ample Wi-Fi internet access and travel assistance to support travel plans across the island. Feel free to use these services to find out what plans Samui's weather arrangements are planning for.

In April, Samui's temperature reached a peak at 28.1OC. The difference is fundamental compared to January (25.5oC), February (26.5OC), March (27.5OC), May (27.3OC), June (27.3OC), July (27.3OC), August (27) , 3o), in August (27.3oC). , September (27,1OC), October (26,3OC), November (26,1OC) and December (25,3OC). Concerning temperature data, it can be concluded that the temperature continues to rise one year later each month between January and March, the April peak falls slightly, but it remains stable between May and August, slightly decreasing in September, then decreasing in September, then decreasing in September. from September to the last month.

In the fourth month of the year, the average monthly rain is tied to 72 millimeters, certainly more than the first three months: January, 46mm; February 11 mm; and March 25 mm. However, there is still much less monthly rainfall than in May (170 mm), June (136 mm), July (145 mm), August (149 mm), September (200 mm), October (254 mm), November 269 mm) and in December (121 mm). Based on these rainy averages, we can assume that there are very few or no precipitation in the first four months of the year, unless the storms fall under the responsibility of Thailand, as happened in March 2011. they expect a significantly lower rainfall in the Koh Samui weather during the warm season from March to April.

According to some references, Samui's weather is characterized by sunny days from May to September, which can be perfect for weddings or other special events such as beach concerts or beauty contests. What a more enjoyable experience than the beautiful Samui weather as a contribution and the elegant beaches of Samui as the backdrop of a special occasion? With the exception of splashy episodes of the rain shower, the period from May to September is really ideal for beach events.

Between the end of April and early May, precipitation growth is a welcome response to higher temperatures in most of April. Even the locals expect this sudden rainfall to rise. Samui's weather affects everyone, both locals and tourists.

Koh Samui does not have the same weather conditions as in the rainy season that makes up Phuket. The location in the Gulf of Thailand and eastward creates significant differences between the two locations. This is a remarkable feature that places Samui weather patterns as tropical or monsoon, so unlike Phuket.

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