Revision of GreenZap Revenue Opportunity

GreenZap is a worldwide payment service that allows customers to send and receive money online with ease and security. Use the services to buy from online merchants or to send money quickly to your friends or family. GreenZap is tasked with delivering a quality and personalized service to its customers by developing a system that allows users to communicate electronically and create smooth transactions. They offer cash rewards to new members.

GreenZap's team consists of a number of professionals including Internet Security, Legal, Design, Customer Service, IT, Business Management and Marketing. The company's advisory board consists of experienced legal, international business, banking, sales, technology and financial individuals.

Opening the GreenZap account is free and can be accessed through their official website. Members can send money to anyone with an email address. Beneficiaries must open a GreenZap account to receive funds. Members can make purchases online through ZapExchange, the GreenZap-certified advertising pages. Money claims can also be made from one member's account to another.

GreenZap offers two types of drawer, green and gold. Green invoices are free to subscribe. Money sending is free, while the money is charged for a $ 2.00 fee. Gold accounts will cost $ 100.00 when signing up and they will not have any prizes with the money to receive. GreenZap Gold members are given the opportunity to sell their products to a GreenZap dealer.

WebCash was created by the GreenZap team to provide cash rewards to all new users. Each new member gets $ 25.00 in WebCash when you sign up. Unlike real money, WebCash can only be used to purchase ZapExchange products and buy from GreenZap Storez's preferred retailers list. Members can not retract, buy or sell WebCash as they are only used on the Internet.

Deposits sent to GreenZap accounts can be made via US bank wire transfer and mailboxes. Electronic payments must be carried out using a verified bank account. Checks, Money Orders and Cashier Checks must be issued to GreenZap, Inc.

An insurance institution that is subject to over-insurance to protect the $ 100,000,000 deposit. In the case of GreenZap's insolvency, user resources are protected and returned.

GreenZap can only be transmitted and received abroad between approved countries. Unauthorized countries include Cuba, Iraq, South Korea, Thailand, Libya, Singapore, Nigeria, Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Nicaragua and Sudan.

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