Going To Go

Every time you get in the car, wherever you go, you work to achieve this goal. There's somewhere where you want to be, so take action to get there. The three most important things you will get are where you want to go while driving to a specific destination, the road to the road, and track a progress. You must have these three things to reach any goal.

Special Destination

Before you get into the car, you need to know where you are going. Unless you have a specific destination, you only move the car and waste gases. There is nothing wrong with this; Some people enjoy driving and scenery. But if you want to go somewhere you need to know where you are going.

When determining goals, you need to know exactly what you want. Get a clear picture of your mind. If you are new to work, imagine yourself in this work. If you have more money, check out this monthly bank account. Imagine what you will feel when you reach what you are chasing. Describe the way you first describe the address of the house.

Get directions

If this was a goal you used to be, you do not need directions. Automatic, such as shoe binding or chewing. But what if you have never been there somewhere? How to get there?

You want. You ask someone who was there before. Extend a map. Checks the internet. The directions are not necessarily perfect, and often not. "This is the second or third light, I do not remember which one," I often heard when I received guidance. But you get the best instructions.

Setting the target is the same. If you get in touch with others who already have what they want. He read books, hears tapes, participates in seminars. Provide as much information as possible to help you reach your goal.

Keep track of progress

You know where you're going and get directions, so now you have time to do something! You jump in the car and you're gone.

But wait! It was not the second or the third third light, but the fourth one! So what do you do if you find out that you're on the track? Look at the map at the nearest gas station or call. You're trying to get back to the track. But you do not give up! Do not turn first on the first closed road and go home, saying, "I did not really want to go anywhere else." If that happens, you never get to a place where you have not been and your life would be rather limited. Even if you have to go home, you will be resumed. Every time you get to that purpose.

If you're hungry, you stop on a bite. If you need to use the sink, stop worrying about it. But are you stopping? You sit all day in the washroom, why are not you where you want to be? No, he does everything and continues.

Do not miss your goals. It may cause failures, dead ends, even car accidents. But do not forget that you can never reach if you do not go ahead and move towards the destination. If this view does not say it is not a mistake; This is another mile below your belt. If it does not seem to happen for a long time, you will only get closer to the next landmark. If you are not sure what the next step is, do not be too embarrassed to stop and ask for these instructions.

Source by Lyman Reed

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