Important Festivals in Thailand

If you want to visit Thailand, check out the Thai calendar to understand the range of festivals in Thailand. During the year, we will meet in Thailand at some festivals or the other.

Welcome to the three-year-old land that is celebrated on January 1 each year, the second or the Chinese New Year on the first day of the first month of February. The third is the Songkhtan Festival in April.

The Chinese New Year is very interesting and has acrobats, lion dancers and colorful firecrackers. The third New Year or Songkhtan Festival reflects old Thai traditions and beliefs. People celebrate this festival with water from the Buddha, the monks and the people in the temple. This law symbolizes the fact that the water supply lasts during the dry season.

In addition to the New Year festivals, the Phra Buddha Baht Cultural Fair is celebrated between January and February. There are many cultural activities at this fair, such as music and theater. This fair is held mainly in churches. In addition to this fair, there are other colorful fairs such as the Bosang umbrella, which displays a wide range of glossy paper umbrellas and handicraft products, and the Flower Fair, which features beautiful and colorful flowers in Thailand.

Other popular festivals include Maka Bucha Day, Chakri Day, Pattaya Festival, National Labor Day, Fruit Fair, Visakha Bucha Day, Asalaha Bucha Day, Candle Festival, Buffalo Race, Loy Krathong Festival, Kwai River Bridge Week, and much more. Each of these festivals and celebrations is worth a deco.

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