To Live the World as a Traveler in Thailand

Mike Hurst was a musician. He looked high with long, dark brown hair and blue eyes, looking at the centuries-old Irish folk music. He stepped out of his work in London, sold the ad when he traveled nearly thirty and traveled around the world playing music in restaurants, bars, street corners.

During his latest trip to Asia, Bali and Phuket's beautiful beaches, a rare Balinese funeral, stayed in a long house near the crystal clear waters of Lake Toba and played fishing for a lot of kids outside the market, Panang, Sumatra. He ran between the busy buses while the drunks tasted off-key Sinatra songs, slept on the floor of a dirty train between Surabaya and Jakarta and survived the mosquito bite finger.

Mike has always been light; just a little backpack with a few clothes changes, a worn guitar and a hundred-year-old violin. While in Bali there was a local craftsman who carved an ivory bridge and dressed in a beautiful ebony fingerprint and fixed it on the violin. His violin was the only possession he really deserved.

One day this was during the Marcos era, and he went to Japan for a year after training in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Mike stayed in Manila for a few days, but the noise, the pollution and the violent pace soon moved. He headed north towards a rabbit bus and went to Baguio. At a height of five thousand meters in the mountains, the picturesque town of Baguio, steep hills, a large open market surrounded by mysterious, wooded wooded hillside.

She was lucky to meet a local Filipino, Nino, who heard her singing in a cafe one day. Nino asked him to sing in the middle of the town, a small but well-paid salary and a rustic old house in the mountains to stay there.

Mike loved living in the old house. Every morning he woke up and began to breathe in the pine forest and looked out of his bedroom to the valley. The view was spectacular. Some of the flats in the valley smoked from the chimneys, which regarded the valley as a scene of a Chinese brush painting.

Of course there was no hot water. You had to bathe in the chilled water from the rainwater tank behind the house. It was stimulating. And the furniture was minimal, but it was suitable because she didn't believe she had made her too much luggage. There was a bed to sleep, a roof over his head, a job he loved. He was happy.

But life has a funny way to turn tables.

A few months after he arrived in Baguio, he went a few thousand meters down the hill toward Asin, a beautiful spring hot spring resort. This was led by another friend he met in Baguio, so they spent a pleasant day relaxing with the descent of bees and resting in the steaming waters.

That afternoon, when he returned to his house, he was shocked to be empty. Everything he possessed disappeared, including musical instruments. He only knew how he stood up. Fortunately, he had his passport, a passport to Tokyo, and a small amount of money, but that was it. Mike was shocked. He immediately called the police and reported. They promised to try to find the culprits, and then they went towards each other.

Mike realized they wouldn't do much. After all, he was a foreigner and lost some money, some clothes and instruments. It's hard to hurt. But if possible, he wanted to pull his violin back. So, she started to interest her friends and soon she heard Nino's brother, Nono, was responsible for the robbery. He was jealous of Mike and he wanted to live in the house. But instead of politely asking Mike to move, he decided to empty him completely and keep all Mike's possessions under control.

Mike realized there was no way to prove his suspicion, so it was inevitable, and he moved with some friends who worked in peacekeeping and sent more money to Ireland.

Meanwhile, another Filipino friend promised to lend him money if he ran for a short time to allow him to eat and pay his rent. Mike managed to pay for a cheap guitar that seemed good because the local maker covered his back on almost thin paper. With this, he continued to play in local bars and restaurants to support himself. Even though she did a casual job, she still had to give her friend money to buy bare things. It was a difficult and humble period.

Two months passed and no money arrived, so he went to Manila to ask his bank to find out where he was. It was reported that the money was actually sent …. Kuala Lumpur. Properly, the Irish bank thought it was in the Philippines! An excusable mistake, Mike thought. After all, they are both in Asia. The bank promised to transfer the money to his account in Manila, and Mike returned to Baguio to wait for him.

Finally, a month later, the money arrived. The first thing was to repay a friend who gave him enough money to survive. Then it's time to move on.

Although he was flying to Japan, he decided to go back to the UK where he could work and make enough money to travel again in the future. So he spoke the word to his friends about a trip to Japan. A few days later, a rhodian who called himself Mike Hunt appeared at the cafe where he sang and told Mike to buy his plane ticket. As they talked, Mike realized that Hunt was occupied by James Bond, the secret agent of the film. Hunt claimed that Bondon had modeled his life. She tried to talk, act and live like her. You were strangely alive in your life, Mike thought, but Hunt seemed happy.

Mike was tasted that Hunt wanted to buy his plane ticket and planned to meet in Manila the next Friday night, where they finished the deal. Hunt told him that Mike would handle a free weekend at a 5-star Manila hotel owned by the Marcos family. "Don't worry," he said to Mike. – I pay for everything.

It seemed to be a good thing for Mike to get up on Friday afternoon, meet Hunt and sign up. Hunt wore a big cumbersome suitcase and Mike only rented a small backpack before traveling to the hotel, attached his guitar and other stuff to a friend at Hunt's council. The place where he traveled to the airport on Sunday before going home to Bangkok, Hunt told him he didn't have to take all the equipment with him, because he wouldn't have had to find out why Hunt advised him to do that later.

That evening they went down to the basement in the basement and was a great occasion. The pool all day after a wonderful breakfast, every time a drink or food was ordered, Hunt signed the bill. p acceptable bill, but his new friend didn't seem to be affected. This reassured Mike that Hunt could afford to pay for the flight ticket. He was, he admitted, himeslf, a little mysterious about why Hunt wanted to buy his ticket when he could obviously afford to buy from a travel agency, but only shaved and congratulated himself for his good luck. Mike wasn't looking for a gift horse in the mouth.

That night they returned to the disco and danced late. Hunt continued to sign the drinks, including girls thrown around the big puppies. It was a fun night and they entered their room when they closed the disco at 2 o'clock. On the morning of the morning, they met breakfast to see the hotel in time for Hunt to catch their 11.30 aircraft to Tokyo.

The next morning Mike woke up at the door at 8 o'clock. She went out of bed and opened it to hunt standing, dressed and ready.

"What are you doing so early?" Mike is blurred.

"I thought we would clarify our business so we could save time to get to the airport." His mouth was dry and his head was sore. When he left, he saw Hunt standing there with a large folder under his arm. Mike sat down in one of the living rooms and stood to the right. "" Do you have the money for the ticket?

"That's what I wanted to talk to you."

"What do you mean? You said you're paying me for the ticket today, and now you're saying you don't have any money. Mike insisted.

"Well, yes – I want you to trust me until I get a job in Tokyo and make enough money to pay you back," Hunt said.

if you don't have enough money for the ticket, how do you pay for the hotel? ”Mike asked.

" Er, this is another thing. I don't pay for it. My suitcase was just a show. It is filled with newspapers and a few bricks. This afternoon we're gonna get out of here. "

" What? "- You blasted Mike." "You want me to trust you for the ticket price and you will cheat the hotel for a bargain? It's not a good base to build trust?

" Wait. Look here and I'll explain. "Hunt said he opened the bulky file. a good job of teaching English and after a few months I will go back to my feet. ”Hunt said.

He showed Mike the contents of his file and went over it. Every hunt said it was necessary to ensure that it survived in Tokyo.

"Look, you were just an unwanted tool to disappoint the hotel. I can't give you the airfare without pay." , no money, no

Hunt saw that his tears didn't work, but he continued his request, and Mike apologized, so he always pointed to Hunt's expensive Nikon camera and said to me that the camera was safe, and I'll give you the ticket.

First, Hunt tried to say no because he claimed he would need a camera in Japan, but he always saw that Mike was not involved in the ticket unless he transferred the camera.

"Now there is only one thing I have to do." Hunt continued. – I have to go to the airport this morning. I went to the airport today and found the check-in procedure. After they issued the boarding pass with their name, they didn't write down your ticket again, so I need to go to the airport to sign in and change their name on the boarding pass. "

to go to Hunth There was not enough money to cover the hotel bill. One hotel security man looked at them at a glance, probably because Mike seemed nervous but didn't try to stop them.

Mike turned away and thought that he would never see his money or hunt again.

Mike went to his friend's house to pick up his other equipment then he went back to the airport to get his 16-hour flight to Bangkok, and when he got there he went to the counter and presented his plane ticket. The officer who was on duty in the morning was still there. He looked up with his hand.

"But … but this morning you were in Tokyo. What are you doing here?" asked.

"Oh, I changed my mind and decided to return to Bangkok." Tokyo is so boring.

The clerk shook his head, filled the boarding pass, and handed it over.

"Er, good journey. I hope you will do this this time."

"Thank you." Mike said and headed to the departure area.

Magnified to Thailand and one week to change his life.

This week he was blurred in Bangkok, Mike spent almost entirely at the Mississippi Queen in Patpong, and was sitting at the bar every night with the girls, and had a ball, but he realized Friday that if he wanted to better organize the London flight The next day, so Ben stood up, a local Filipino businessman Hunt suggested trying to get the money for his ticket to Tokyo. Hunt and still belonged to Hunt for some commission money for advertising sales.

Ben agreed to meet Mike and held a meeting until 11 am.

When he sat down and explained, Ben's position exploded with great laughter.

"Give me some money from Mike Hunt's account?" he shouted. "What kind of bill? Even if I owe him money, I'm sure I wouldn't give it to you. The man was crazy about James Bond and still obviously crazy."

Mike waited for this, so it wasn't too disappointed. And still had the Hunt camera. But the place Hunt played for a sucker.

Ben asked Mike what he did when he didn't play music.

"I used to sell ads in London."

"Was it good?" Ben asked.

"Of course I used a lot of money."

"Why don't you work for me then? We publish tour guides. Ben said.

Ben told him to call back if he decided to stay. In the land of Hots: Hot weather, Hot food and Hot women

If you traveled to London, you need to start again. the hatchery formed the country. The decision was not difficult. He picked up the phone and called him.

Mike worked well in the magazine and helped improve traffic and magazine interviews and significantly increased That's the monthly advertising revenue. ”She was happy and was in her lifetime.

Then one day Ben invited Mike to his office and sat there with a big shit of grin on his face. Mike was surprised and satisfied. He looked like he'd finally get his money from Hunt.

As if reading Mike's minds, Hunt took out money from his pocket and immediately paid for the plane ticket. Mike went out and got Hunt's camera and handed it over. Hunt thanked him and said, "Bond would have done the same thing.

No one was more satisfied than Mike in this happy story. at the end of the day, who stayed in Thailand today and sometimes thinks in a bizarre way in this exotic and exciting part of the world, you never know what life you will be throwing at you, right? and an old fiddler who has a life on stage, maybe you're just looking at Mike, buy him a beer and ask if there are any interesting stories about it Aspects.

Source by Marc Holt

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