Eco-tourism in Thailand

Ecotourism has become popular all over the world for those who demand countries to do more to preserve nature and the environment. Thailand is far from eco-tourism, and many of Thailand's popular activities fall into this category.

Thailand is very popular for tourists who are looking for adventure in the wilderness and especially because of the abundance of natural resources that Thailand has to offer its visitors. Mountain biking, whitewater rafting, camping and hiking, scuba diving, bird watching and rock climbing have been completed in the natural tourist areas. All of these activities are available throughout Thailand, especially in the southern, western and northern mountain areas. Among the activities offered to tourists are trekking, bird watching, diving and mountain biking.

Government and private organizations are making sure that ecotourism seekers carry out many nature conservation activities. Most of the national parks in Thailand fall under the jurisdiction of the royal forestry department and have trekking trails for nature lovers. There are many campsites in these national parks.

Neither trekking nor camping is a new activity in Thailand. They've been around for decades. However, ecotourism ensures that activities are treated better than before. Thailand is paying more attention to the conservation of its natural resources, as it has realized that tourists will come as long as the natural resources are untouched and that the destroyed areas are better prepared for tourists not to disturb the environment and nature Flora and fauna.

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