Why does Google offer free tools and services to online marketers?

"Googled" is now a very common term and millions of people do it every day. Most people do not know that Google offers many internet marketing tools for free. These advertising resources can prove to be of great value to any marketer trying to increase traffic to their site. Just because something is free doesn't mean it's not worth it.

Why do you think Google sells these free tools and services? What better way to improve your brand name is by offering free resources for free.

All online marketers should use Google's free resources.

If you don't have a Google Account, go to one. You will need an account to take advantage of these free services. Google Analytics

One of Google's most valuable marketing tools. Find out where your site's traffic is coming from and what you're doing after you get there. Google Analytics provides important information to improve your conversion rate and keep track of all the steps your visitor leads to the cashier page. Up to three sites can be monitored for free.

There may be a waiting list for this extremely useful service from Google. Google Sites You can really take control of the first part of the crawl process, how to find and index your Google site.

3. Google Alerts

You can update the latest Google search results by email based on a specific query or topic. You can use this free service to preserve your competitors' cards or show your favorite sports teams.

4. Google Froogle / Base

It doesn't matter to customers when they send items to Google Base, so on Google or Froogle. Froogle is a price list and indexes your site that lists your products or services to target customers. upload these items to Froogle

5. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free and easy way to make your site more Google-friendly. Google can view your site and diagnose potential issues. Want to know how Google reveals and indexes your site? You can also learn about specific problems Google has about accessing your site

6. Google Blogger

Blogging is a key key to quality online marketing information. The site should not have at least one RSS feed and blog. Blogs related to the topic of your site bring extra traffic and targeted visitors. EBlogger is a free service that lets you post your blogs to your own server. After your blog has run, you can send it to Google.

7. Google Toolbar – Enterprise Version

Google Toolbar provides powerful productivity, including easy access to Google, personalized search buttons, instant search suggestions, and pop-up blocker access.

Do not forget that Google ranks all pages on a 0-10 scale. Knowing the PR of your competitors' websites may be even more important if you know the PR of your own pages. Use the toolbar to find out which PR site is on your site. This can be very useful when searching for inbound links to your site.

8. Submitting Google and Content

Uploading content to Google is very important and makes it easier for Google to find and index your web pages. You can add your URL to the Google index, send all kinds of online and offline content, such as RSS feeds, and upload book and video content

9. Google AdSense

Adding Web Content to Your Website the easy way to use Google AdSense. Google provides the AdSense code and receives a review every month. This is an easy way to generate additional revenue from your site.

Distributors may also use the AdSense system to obtain marketing information about the keywords used on their website. This can tell you what keywords are offered for the topic and how much they are paid for.

AdSense also has a tracking system that allows you to track all important web pages. This is an excellent resource that you can get for free.

10. Google Writely

One of the latest updates to Google's free resource list is Writely. It is a complete online writing editor with spell checking and other great features. You can also publish your content directly to your blog and save files in popular PDF format. What a great feature for marketers who use e-books to market their products or services.

Article marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site, and Writely can be a great resource for creating and publishing

Google offers many other free resources. More tools for web search, free software to help your computer work better, communication tools, etc.

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