Why do you blog?

Do you always ask yourself why "blog"?

I used to sing. I went for 5 weeks, and for reasons I did not go there, I had to stop. I recorded every session and practiced the lesson and tape this week. The instructor said it was better, even if I could not tell the difference.

Well, after I stopped the lessons, I was so frustrated that I stopped practicing. Six months after I stopped, I started practicing whimsically. I did two lessons before I ran completely.

What do you do with this blogging?

Why are you blogging? Why did I want to sing? Because when I sing in the church (together with the congregation) I want to say the best I can. In order to figure out the need to sing the _conians, or the lessons are a big waste of time. If, however, I was brave or just tried, it did not matter how much I practiced.

Are you blogging just to guess your thoughts? No matter how often you are blogging. Are you blogging about sharing relevant information, such as a fan club? You blog, though you often find something new but you do not want to wait until old news, you will immediately blog about it.

Are you joking about attracting traffic or building your business? You'll have to blog regularly and frequently. Some say it every day, others have said it a week. My bid is to "have something worth sharing".

For a business you can not afford to make just a whimsical blog. While there is nothing wrong with sharing your personal information, this is your business, not your journal. You do not want to pass "dirty clothes" to share things that help people who are interested in business.

If your business sells your favorite pudding, personal information should be in some form, form or form to poodle. Your poodle fans are there for poodle, not you.

I shared the singing because I knew something (reminded me), and both are relevant and worth sharing. I've learned that if I really want to improve my vocabulary, I have to continue practicing, even though I have only 5 hours. I can not afford to stop my personal exit, I never fix it like that.

Very frankly, I was embarrassed at the point that I felt like I was running out of the air so fast. But this will happen to your business if you do not blog it as it should. If you blog very little, you will not win and lose a lot of business. If you are blogging a lot, but in a personal line rather than in your business, you will not even be doing business.

You should keep track of the relevant information about the blog or find the right articles that can be inserted into the blog (please leave the resource box with the article).

Be honest. How serious can you be aware of your business if you are not learning continuously or looking for things that improve your business? Regardless of whether you learn something (or at least learn something else to do something) or increase your database of frequently asked questions or see the latest and greatest gadgets that need to be active in your business.

Blogging is about sharing shared content. If all I wanted was to see what singing lessons, it did not matter if I stopped. If I wanted to improve or at least maintain the level of profitability I achieved, I had to practice.

So why are you blogging?

Once you have answered this question, you will know how important (or not important) your blog is on a regular, frequent and relevant basis.

No one answers, all this depends on the purpose of the blog. But if you want to talk about personal things and business, do yourself a favor and two different blogs. After all, your business and personal life must be separate.

Continue what your business needs and will soon sing these high notes.

– Jeffery

Source by Jeffery Wood

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