Social Media Myths Debunked

For Social Accounting Firms, Resistance to Social Marketing is Useless.

Like many new things, Social Media initially met with a lot of resistance because of misconceptions about what social marketing is and how it can be used by accounting firms. If you are serious about getting into the Social Network circle (or circus) as part of your marketing plan, it might be worth your time to clarify some of these misconceptions before you begin.

SOCIAL MEDIA IS A FAD : Sociologists have recognized the paradigm shift in how we communicate during these times where technology has taken center stage.

Rarely do we send snail mail. We are more preferential to e-mails for many reasons. They reach our audience faster, cost less and save on paper which in turn saves trees. If we can not reach our Accountant on their office phone, what do we do? We call them on their cell phones. We used to get our news by the morning paper with a cup of coffee; Now, friends and strangers from the opposite side of the globe, tweet about the death of Michael Jackson even before CNN can say – "This just in".

Imagine going back to the days when all of these did not exist. When the internet is down, almost all businesses come to a screeching halt. Our lives and businesses have become so entwined with technology and with the communication shift that social networking brought about we are left without helpless.

Face it, social media is far from a fad.

SOCIAL MEDIA IS FREE: Sure, social networking tools are free, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, WordPress, Blogger, FriendFeed, Twitter and there are many more.

While the account and initial set up are FREE and require very little time, you will have to continually complete your social marketing campaign engage your followers with updates and posts that will take time.

SOCIAL MEDIA IS EASY : Anyone can set up a blog, Twitter and Facebook account. Your children have a Facebook account, their friends are on Twitter, and your dog has a social presence (created by your kids of course).

Set up is easy. But the bigger question is how does a Accounting Firm Partner use these tools to their advantage? Social networking takes time and plenty of it. It requires commitment and understanding of basic marketing rules. You must also integrate your social media with your offline marketing strategy to ensure consistency.

While social networking is not a miracle cure for your Accounting Firm's marketing needs it is an essential addition to your firms' repertoire of resources and tools. Like all else, you have to sow the seeds before you will reap the benefits that Social Media can offer your firm.

SOCIAL MEDIA IS SIMPLY "FRIENDING" AND "LIKING" : While building a large network is a goal that Social Networking can easily help you achieve, it's not just about how big your following is. Social media is more about building meaningful relationships and relationships.

In order for social marketing to work to your advantage, you have to engage your friends, clients and visitors gaining their trust and confidence by giving them something of value. You must be willing to provide them with tips and bits of content that they will find useful and informative.

By debunking some of the myths about Social Media, you have a better idea of ​​how to Continue using this powerful tool that is available at your fingertips.

All over the world millions of people are generating fresh content daily, for consumption by masses that are searching online. If you continue to avoid social networking you will be left behind because your competitor is already there. If your business is not taking advantage of Social Media, it's high time that you should consider it.

Source by Barb Blackett

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