What's the difference between blogging and Facebook?

There seems to be a lot of overlap between content placed on Facebook that can be done on a blog. They can both be personal. Both can contain your personal experiences and ideas, what you do and what you care about, that is, both of them may be like a daily newspaper or a diary.

There are obvious differences in the underlying goals But your activity. Facebook is more interactive and the audience is yours. With a blog, the online world is your potential audience and our Facebook friends will never know or read the blog. The blog can be interactive as readers can comment on your posts and respond. But again, this interaction is probably between you and your alien, not a friend. So there are two different audiences, or two different audiences.

There may be things you can share with your friends on Facebook that you do not want the blog's audience to know. On the other hand, you may have some thoughts or experiences that you can more easily share with strangers on your blog than you share with your Facebook friends.

Finally, the theme and goal of your blog. People have a strange reason to visit and read the blog, be it information, review or business. Facebook posts are random, casual, spontaneous, it does not really matter because you do not try to attract the audience. So while it is possible to overlap between Facebook and blogging, you may be able to draw borders as much as possible and make your audience public and have friends of yours.

Source by Ronald Arnott

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