What to look for when adding a Blogger?

When you decide to choose a blogger within a company or outsource it as a freelancer, the problem persists that you still have to choose a blogger. You have to choose someone who will be personalized and honest, with a unique perspective on your business and, of course, to unite the sentence.

But do not be discouraged. Like opening any other job, just find the right person. Below you will find some things when you are writing a blogger.


Imagine you are walking into a store and the first seller he typically welcomes. If they ask, they answer the questions, but they seem to be cool and cold. They do not go out of the way to help find things and they do not seem to be interested in getting exactly what they are looking for. Is this the kind of person you will be interested in buying again?

Now imagine you're entering a store and the seller welcomes you, "Hey, what are you doing, what can I help you today?" Think about ideas and suggestions, but listen carefully when you tell them what you need and know exactly where to find it in the store and other things that match the things you're looking for. When you leave, they fall down and ask you to come again. How do you feel again in the store?

A good blogger will be someone who can personally write. They are friendly and accessible without being energized. They could talk to readers who not only intend to provide information to them, but with the intention of giving them back to them again and again.

English Support

Obviously, the first point in writing a blogger's job description is writing ability. If you have spent time on the internet, you probably have the script: "The hijack is coming up?" This is not the image you are planning for your business, so it's not someone who's writing your blog. An elected writer does not have to be the next Tolstoy but the writer must be able to compile some interesting, informative paragraphs that do not look like a 13-year-old who spoke fluently. them. If you have a decent writer whose grammar and punctuation is not the best, give them a copy of Strunk & White's "Style Elements" or even the AP Stylebook.

There are resources to put the technical side of writing, for example, the difference between "emotion" and "effect" or "what" and "off". Copyblogger is a blog that regularly deals with common mistakes made by writers such as articles . These can help any writer build their knowledge of finite points in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

You would be willing to be a scientist 19459004 If you want to know how to choose the wedding dress, you would not go to a computer store, right? Likewise, if you are in the weddings industry, you do not want to get a blogger that spins around life on Apple computers. A business blog needs to provide information about your industry and insight into your business, and someone who has no interest will not be able to do so.

The tenant needs to know his company and industry, or at least he will be willing to do so. He wants a writer who can provide good information and commentaries to his clients about the topics they are interested in, without looking like he is looking for "wedding dresses," and crippling a post within five minutes.

Network with company image

If someone hires you to design your site, Its style works well with the company's brand and image. If you hire a salesperson, you will be looking for someone whose sales philosophy is right for you. Likewise, if you're looking for a blogger, find someone who's writing style fits the image for your business.

If your business is relatively relaxed, you want a writer whose style is more informal and conversational than someone who is very structured. Be sure to ask the clips and read them before making a decision.

For more information on blogs for businesses, see this article: Eight Errors That Kill Your Blog [http://www.xeal.com/blog/index.php/marketing/2007/10/16/blogging_101_eight_mistakes_that_are_kil].

Consider your blogger as a different vendor. Like salesmen, a good writer keeps readers and clients while a bad writer rages and takes them away. Find the right writer for your blog and you will find that you have excellent additions not only to your site but also to your company.

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