International Travel and Health

This is the season when many people travel, some of them internationally. If you want to leave the country, you should consider the following about your health:

– You may not have health insurance for illnesses or injuries handled abroad, even if you are in the United States (19459002)

] – The US Consulate staff will assist you in finding healthcare providers and facilities he also contacts family members.

– Travel insurance for medical insurance and medical evacuation

Acquiring medical care in another country may be expensive and medical evacuation may cost over $ 50,000. In addition, solving any medical bill and claim that may be needed to decipher charges can be difficult to do abroad.

Other considerations

If you are older or have a disability and will travel to the US, there are other things to consider:

– Local conditions. For example, is there a local topography (such as high altitude) or climatic conditions (hot and sticky) that may affect you?

– Own preparations. Avoid a lot of physical activity when you're ready for travel. Recognize that sudden changes in diet, climate and exercise can have serious health consequences for the missed traveler.

– Find out what you can do about accessibility standards for disabled people in the country where you are going. The Ministry of Transport has also published two brochures: the new horizons for disabled passengers for disabled passengers, which will assist you.

In any situation, talk to your doctor about your general physical condition and activities that you plan on while traveling. This debate involves decisions on medicines you take and any necessary immunizations. Also, if you visit medical expenses and travel from the United States, contact the representative of the insurance plan to cover. If not, decide whether you need travel insurance and / or medical evaluation policy.

More information on this topic is available on the US State Department website: http: // www

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