Using Classical Music in English as a Foreign Language Classroom

Operations for musical use in TEFL

Some of the previous English foreign language teaching articles discussed the diverse use of music in English as a foreign language and other foreign language learning classes. Activities that use music for "time" exercises and class activities (limiting pacing), music for controlling the mood of students (hypothesis of affective filter), and the impact of music on the brain have been previously topics.

Do you call this music?

What music exactly is it? While some suggestions for musical types have been put forward, we have not mentioned that musical pieces have actually been effective in the room types of the EFL class. In the article, "You This That? Likewise, I have also named composers who are mainly used in the EFL and ESL classrooms. The quotes include the following classical composers. o Beethoven – Sonata of Piano 8 in Opus 13 in "Pathetique" (Adagio Cantabile) and Sonata for Piano F Farp Minor (A Therese) Opus 78

NOTE: There is a free classic Music Radio Station, located at Beethoven

o Mozart – Symphony No. 40 in G minor (Alegro Molto), String Quartet, G Major,


21st Piano Competition ("Elvira Madigan") Adagio and 20th Piano Competition D Minor "Romantic"

o Bach – Bouree E Minor (directed to guitar), Air on the G String, and "Aria De Capo"

o Viva ldi – "The Four Seasons" (Especially Winter and Spring)

o Schubert – Serenade No 4

o Chopin – Nocturne, # 8, Plane D in Major Opus 27, and Nocturne No. 1 in B, Minor Opus 9

o Tchaikovsky – Andante Cantible for Violoncello and Orchestra Opus 11

o Brahms – "Lullaby"

o Debussy – Pavane E in Minor (directed to guitar)

This Mind

It's just a drop in the bucket. There are so many other things that actually disrupt the mind. If students are like a piece and comment on it, I will further explore the further dimension of their learning. In order to start this endeavor, I gave initial information to all composers. Hopefully you will soon enjoy the music for different purposes in the foreign language learning class than I do. If you have any questions, comments, or just want more information, please contact me.

Source by Larry M. Lynch

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