20 Sights and Things to Do in Thailand

The Grand Palace:

The Grand Palace, next to Wat Phara Kaeo (Emerald Buddha Temple), is the former royal resident . The Grand Palace is located near the famous Reclining Buddha and a traditional massage school

Khaosan Road:

The bustling crossroad is full of multinational experience with many young restaurants, bars, art galleries and with all other travelers.

Chatuchak Weekend Market:

Chatuchak Weekend Market is an exciting market that meets all levels of economy for poetic customers. Pets, clothes, works of art, home decor that we all want are in the behemoth bazaar

Pak Khlong Talad and Yaowarat:

Travelers in Thailand Must Visit Pak Khlong Talt Bangkok bazaar flower bar.

Floating Market and Khlong Tour:

Far East Venice, Obviously the capital city of Thailand (Bangkok) joins all the arteries of water to the main vein – the River of Kings. The Khlong Om Canal is the home of the prosperous community on KoKret Island, which sells fruits, vegetables and sandstone scales at nominal prices

The Gulf of Thailand

The Gulf of Thailand It consists of many beautiful tropical islands that are recognized worldwide. Most popular places: Hua Hin, Ko Chang, Ko Samui, Ko Tai, Ko Mak and Bang Saen

Rest: Pai:

Pai Thailand offers plenty of activities for tourists such as rafting and mountain biking.

Andaman Coast:

Some of Andaman's major islands, such as Karabi, Phuket, and Phang Nga Bay. These provinces provide plenty of water sports and activities for travelers throughout the day.

Cycling tours in World Heritage Sites:

Sukhothai and Ayutthaya are the oldest culture of the Siamese kingdom. These World Heritage Sites have to visit Thailand.

Songkran & Loi Krathong Festival

Songkran is a famous festival where everyone splashed with water on the streets. Lai Krathong, a festival where the country's waterways are illuminated with tiny flowers and incense floats and candles

Muai Thai

Muai Thai (Thai Kick Box) Traditional and the country's favorite sport in Thailand attracts many visitors to this traditionally recognized country. Thai kick boxers are Bangkok's best entertainers to catch the eye of the audience.

Elephant Trekking:

The most exciting and exciting opportunity in Thailand

in Khao Yai: The Khao Yai National Park is famous abseiling, where travelers can enjoy the experience of climbing the cliff

Diving in Similan and Surin Islands:

Andaman Sea Similan and Surin is famous for its diving and


Beauty Spa & Thai Massage: ]

Thailand is a place of culture, heritage and tourism that is famous for its beauty and wellness facilities. Every major hotel has a spa where travelers can refresh their bodies and minds

Tom Yum Kung, Phat Thai and Cooking:

Tom Yum Kung and Phat Thai are Traditional Foods Thailand. Several cities in Thailand now offer culinary hours for travelers


Thailand's famous golfer festival, world-class golf courses throughout Thailand, where pros


The most popular dream vacation in Thailand is the inclusion of the railway route for 7 nights and 8 days. east and east express. The train stops in the cultural and historical city of Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai and Kanchanaburi

Khon, Hun LakhonLek:

Known Thai classic masked dance. Khon. Exotic performances can be seen at Bangkok's Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theater, the first air-conditioned cinema in Southeast Asia.

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