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Scotland is the country of Northern Europe, which is the northern part of Great Britain. The dramatic coastline of Scotland has hundreds of islands. For outdoor enthusiasts a playground, Scotland is a giant landscape.

Scotland is famous for a number of things – castles and whiskeys to name a few, but best known across the country. We all saw a lonely cup playing with the bagpipes and wearing the kilt – the bagpipes have been the traditional voice for the surface for centuries.

Scotland is rich in history – a landscape filled with magnificent castles and forts. At the top of the volcano, the Edinburgh Castle overlooks the entire city. This great fortified building has long been a defender of the Scots and the English rulers. Stirling Castle has been dominating Scottish history for years. Three miles south of Stirling Castle, Robert the Bruce defeated the English in the famous Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

food and drink. Haggis is the best-known Scottish dish – made from sheep from oatmeal and served with kohlrabi and potatoes. This food will not be a favorite for everyone – but it does not bother to make good drinks. For all real whiskey drinkers, the Scots really mastered the excellent malt whiskey.

Scotland's capital Edinburgh. The center of Edinburgh is a great example of Georgian urban architecture for centuries.

Edinburgh's main shopping area lies along Princes Street. Princes Street has a large number of art galleries and museums. Most of Scotland's stores are open on Sundays but closed on public holidays. The currency of Scotland is sterling (£).

Enjoy the pleasure of Scotland – direct flights depart to most of the world's major airports in Scotland. In Scotland there is also a large rail network, very reliable. If you are planning to use the Scottish rail system, it's a good idea to buy a railroad.

For all outdoor dogs, Scotland offers many outdoor activities. Rock climbing and climbing are very popular west of Scotland and some islands.

Walking is extremely popular in the Scottish Mountains. The open, untouched landscape is an ideal location – most of it is open to the public. Pony hiking is also very popular in the Upper Austria and in the open countryside.

Scotland is also organizing great water sports centers. Most of the centers are suitable for beginners. Scotland sailing is very popular along the coast while inland canoeing is extremely popular.

Golf partnership annually thousands of visitors, especially one of Central Scotland's most famous courses. Other sports include winter skiing, football and rugby.

Scotland's national parks are full of wonderful wildlife and rare plants. In the mountains, sparse arctic plants blossom, many predatory birds, such as eagles and castles on the highlands.

If you choose to travel to Scotland and want to avoid wet and humid conditions, months from May to August are the best.

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