Travel compression socks – what is it and why do they need them?

Travel compression socks have been well-understood for travelers over the past few decades. Their ability to reduce the pain of legs on international flights is typical. There are different strengths of compression, from 10 to 50 mmHg (millimeter of mercury). In most countries you can buy any compression socks across the counter, which is 20 mmHg and below; Anything more than this amount will require a prescription from the doctor.

The word wise: Compression socks can not be used in diabetics, as it greatly increases blood circulation to the legs and feet.

Travel compression socks are a real value for long international flights and once you start using them you will never return. I recommend two or three pairs of packages for the next trip: one for flying, the other 3000 meters above sea level, and one for all the exciting activities that can cause a pain on your feet (eg hiking, cycling or jogging)

If you bought a non-prescription travel compaction sock you can wear them all day; If you have been told by your doctor, seek advice on their proper use. It is worth repeating that diabetics can not wear these socks. Many travelers use compression socks while hiking, especially at high altitudes. It is safe to wear them during the day (if they are over the counter), and many enjoy them even if they do not travel.

All right, enough about health benefits and what is fashion? Do not sweat; Compression socks range from knee to ankle. Heck, they're still selling the socks for pantyhose!

Source by Adam Costa

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