False Expectations of Addiction

The most important thing to be successful in all areas of your life is the right decision. And good decision making depends on trustworthy beliefs. Relief from addiction is impossible if you have false beliefs about the problem of addiction, because defining the problem is the first step to solving the problem. These false beliefs are a major obstacle to observing the problem of addiction.

  1. I'm never drug addicted, alcohol, nicotine, etc.
  2. My friend gave up his dependency within a week; Whenever I want to, I can add my addiction within a week.
  3. Addiction is simple.
  4. My friend tried all the methods but could not overcome his problem, so I can not overcome my problem either.
  5. It is impossible to overcome addiction.
  6. Addiction is a brain disorder and nothing can do it.
  7. Addiction is a long-standing disease that I can only treat.
  8. The only problem can be solved in the twelve-step addiction recovery teams.
  9. The only way to regain my problem is by participating in contingency recovery teams of no twelve steps.
  10. The best way to get rid of my problem, sign up for a 28-day rehabilitation program
  11. Relapse means treatment is unsuccessful
  12. I'm violent of my addiction because I have a recession.
  13. I'm worthless because I'm addicted.
  14. Overcoming dependence without inconvenience
  15. Relief is relieved so hard.
  16. No need to suffer.
  17. The stupid and crazy people are most prone to drugs, alcohol, nicotine, etc. To become addicted.
  18. People who become addicts are faced with mental problems that lead to the problem.
  19. I'm too late to quit my problem. The damage was done.
  20. Repetition can be done without warning
  21. A recovery event, not a process.
  22. Addiction is treated with cognitive behavioral therapy and should therefore be a behavioral problem
  23. Treatment is a size for everyone.
  24. This problem needs to find a magical solution.
  25. You can not treat drug addicts with drugs because drugs are drugs.
  26. Since treatment did not work before, it may be hopeless and there is no point in trying again.
  27. If detoxification ends when the addict does not return to addictive behavior, the changes in the brain paths will return to the original healthy state.
  28. If healing ends when drug addicts do not return to drugs, addiction-induced brain damage usually remains for the rest of their lives.
  29. Individuals must "succeed" to successfully recover.
  30. After the drug rehabilitation program is over, no drug re-medication can be re-established.

Source by Fariborz Arbasi

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