Timeshare companies profiles – Westgate, Wyndham and Worldmark

Westgate resorts have over 10,000 timeshare properties, the third largest time lease in the world. Westgate has more than 400 owners and employs 6500 people, says Westgate's website. David Siegel's brainchild, Westgate, was founded more than 40 years ago by a garage business to empire. Westgate has become the world's largest private time lease in history. One of the company's most prestigious achievements is the construction of the PH Tower, which is the only timing tower in the history of the company that is connected to the casino in Las Vegas. According to Westgate's website, PH Tower will have more than $ 1 billion when it's finished. Westgate also reports that the building has more than 2,850 pieces.

Other features of Westgate include Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa Orlando, Westgate Miami Beach and Westgate Towers, Orlando Orlando. Utah and Tennessee are also located.

Wyndham Worldwide is the leader in vacation and vacation exchange and property ownership. Features range from resorts, residency clubs to yachts. Wyndham's holiday rental provides more than 200,000 units and 155 resorts. People who take over the vacation through Wyndham will enjoy the flexibility in world-class condominiums. There are about 820,000 owners. One of the most important elements of Wyndham's real estate collection is a collection of 160 large companies. Wyndham says this is the biggest luxury purchase. The Wyndham resorts live in Belize, Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Portugal, Scotland, South Africa, Spain and the United States. According to the literature, Wyndham is the largest tenant in the European holiday. Some rental apartments operated by Wyndham also include Canvas Holidays, Campsite Rentals, Cuendet, European Villas, Hoseasons Group, Villas and Holiday Houses, Landal GreenParks and Novasol. The Wyndham resorts were named one of Fortune Magazine's most respected companies in 2010.

Worldmark Resorts Wyndham is a division and 60 resorts for holidaymakers. Worldmark's apartments and studios are all there. One- and two-bedroom condominiums are 60% larger for hotel rooms, the Worldmark reports. Penthouse suites are available to the owners. Locations are located in the continental United States, Hawaii, and Fiji. Worldmark is connected with another company, RCI, so the Caribbean, New York, Paris, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, Venice, Egypt, India, Hong Kong, China, Japan, the South Pacific and Cayman Islands, Islands

Worldmark is different from other seasonal resorts as it offers more flexibility to its owners. The point system is not tied to the size of the unit or the location, so the owners of the time can always stay at any of the 60 resorts.

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