How can you improve bad relationships with your neighbors?

Do you feel that your stomach is uncomfortable when you get out of the house and see your killer next to your neighbor? Shut up. You do not have to be angry. There is still hope for you and your so-called enemy.

Peace is expensive. You will never be able to breathe easily if someone stares at you or vice versa. If you can, try to improve your broken relationship with him. You feel a million times better, no matter who had the problem. Here are some suggestions on how to reconcile with the next "frenemy".

1. You can communicate directly with your neighbor.

It is better to handle things than to speak behind a person, which would cause Messiah. Go to your neighbor's house and talk to her calmly. Be solid, yet pay attention to your feelings. If you do not feel safe because of the damaging dangers, call a friend and talk to your neighbors in a safe, public place.

If you can not communicate personally, try another way.

You do not have to face your neighbor for the first try. You could have gone for voicemail or written mail. Call your neighbor and talk to them about the problem. This will require the house number to work. If you do not, then you have to write the letter of concern. These settings are good even if you are too busy and the schedule does not match your neighbors.

3. An apology may be requested.

Objectively evaluate the situation. If your neighbor completely refuses to talk to you, consider the possibility that you have really done something wrong. In this case, the sincere apology may soften him. Of course, if after a thorough analysis you can not blame yourself, be the bigger person and take the first step.

4. Listen carefully

There is no point in communicating if you do not want to hear your neighbor's opinions about things. You may hear the neighbor's side, but that does not mean you are listening. Greet your ear and hopefully your neighbors will do the same for you.

5. Compromise

Talk to the person concerned about the situation. Lay your suggestions and ask them how to solve the problem. Try your shoes and feel what you think. Enged vkinek. Although not all the requirements are met, the result certainly surpasses the previous situation.

6. Solid commitment to co-operation

Make sure your neighbor agrees with the compromise they both bring. Remember, thank you for your cooperation. Keep the deal and live in peace.

7. Strengthening Good Ties

Having reached the armistice is a good way to open communication lines. Try to make friends with your neighbor. Call him for dinner or invite him as a guest in one half. You know, you've brought a new friend.

It's important to understand that not everything works well for the first try. You can find some punches along the way to improve bad relationships with your neighbor. Do not let the bumps pull away. A harmonious relationship is worth every effort.

Source by Robert Rystrom

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