Things You Need to Do and Do not Do in Thailand

Remember the following things:

1) Always Respectful

, monks or Buddha pictures. You can lock in jail if you try to disrespect the Buddha pictures as they are saints in Thailand.


I know it's warm and wet. Especially women are more at the top of the shorts and the tank. However, this is not a good idea to visit churches or holy places. At least try to cover your knees and shoulders. Do not forget, this simple act shows you respect the country's culture. 3) Thoroughly lower your body

You must be connected again with respect. As you can see, respect is a big thing in Asian countries. Do not take off your shoes

enter a person's house or building with a Buddha image. Try to learn some basic sentences at least:

It will not be so difficult to know how to say hello. Men say, "Sawatdee-krap" and women say, "Sawatdee-kah". Try to recognize the "wai" gesture. As an alien you can not expect the gesture of "wai" gesture, but if you first recommend it, try to give it back. Never put a "wai" back on a child, waiter, writer, etc. Just answer nod and smile.

Not recommended in Thailand ] Do not show disrespect to the locals, the royal family, the monks, It is a very disrespectful act, even if it is a joke. The head is holy in Thailand.

3) Never cross your feet

Do not cross your feet especially before the elderly or the monks. This is true when sitting on the floor or in a chair. [4] Never miss anything with your left hand

Never show your hand and never, never with a single finger.) 5) Try not to stick to the audience. This is a taboo that affects the opposite sex to the audience. Please refrain from being too intimate or insisting on your partner publicly.

6) No, I repeat, do not touch the woman publicly without your consent. As I mentioned, the opposite sex touch is still taboo in Thailand. In Thailand, many people still believe that a woman may lose her face if she publicly touches her. 7) Do not Take Buddha Images of the Country

Unless you get special permission, you strictly oppose the law to bring Buddha images out of the country. Of course you can easily buy them, but try to avoid unnecessary problems.

However, these are just a few general things you should know if you are in Thailand. Hope these things do not help you in some way. Enjoy your stay in Thailand!

Source by Sanket Kamble

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