Determining Your House – The Important Factors

You probably have a good idea about your type, size, layout, and so on. the house you want to build in Thailand for retirement. After reading this article, you can decide to review your ideas. At the time when the whole house was half made in Pak Chong, Thailand, two colleges saw their home started and finished and half the cost. In fact, building our house has become a nightmare that has heard or read news from the Thai forum's web site.

Conversely, these houses were built quickly and easily, and they did not cause any problems at all. (Compared to the Problems)

So what was the difference between our house and ours that made the difference?

Your host depends on many factors who use them to use and more importantly , who is the house and what are their expectations?

Who designed the house?

Particularly our house was my plan. Room layout, house style, type and quality of finishes, etc. It was based on what I wanted as a retired home and was generous enough. His own Thai wife loved him of course. On the other hand, the colleges' houses seemed to have the minimum to "get rid" while satisfying their Thai wives. requirements. Essentially, these houses were based on the expectations of the Thai wife. The Thai wife was not designed for themselves.

The Western Housing Standard is much higher than in Thailand, and Westerners need more western chinese, security doors and windows, high quality fittings and coatings, and so on. On the other hand, such features of western houses are generally not found in Thailand, the Thai spouse does not know them or asks for them. Here a home based on a Thai wife's perspective is much simpler and cheaper than a home based on a Western standard.

Sometimes the designs of these houses were simply copied from many of the pre-designed Thai homes that can be downloaded from the Thai government's website. In short these houses were.

In contrast, I made drawings made by a Thai architect in Bangkok, and the drawings contained 42 pieces. I am very glad to have completed these house plans and my big house in my great house, which is indispensable. Since there are a number of key considerations that significantly affect the cost and time, number and size of rooms built in a retired home built in the country, there are key aspects that specifically refer to a retired home built in Thailand.

These are the most important considerations of differences in the Thai home and in a Western home. Key considerations are related to floors, bathrooms, and kitchens, where there is a fundamental difference between Western practice and Thai practice. Another important consideration is where the house must be equipped with air conditioning or not.

One or Two Levels

What levels do you intend to be one of the most important criteria that may affect the price and speed of building a retired house in Thailand. Thousands of years ago, Thai homes were built from ground-raised living spaces on wooden or concrete columns or as described by Thai. A standard Thai house, for example, points out a dozen columns in a 3 x 4 matrix, this "12 post house "

Self Retirement House is a" 16 Post House "and the top story that houses living space 3 meters downstairs. It is much harder to build and costly than a bungalow facility that is located on the ground floor

I really wanted a post house and my Thai wife really likes it, but I'm convinced she would be just as happy with the bungalow I'm paying my idea that a traditional Thai post house is all about cost and time to build.

So wondering if you want a postal house, or if you have a one-story construction which is cheaper and faster

This is an additional decision that is most likely to be the price and period to build a retired house and again , this is a Thailand for the Western topic.

Traditional style and basic Thai homes often do not have baths as they usually do in the western bathroom. Surprisingly, I prefer not a bathtub because I do not use it. In general, I enjoy showering for just a basic shower.

It's unusual for a Thai woman, though my wife loves to relax in a hot tub filled with water and in stinking baths or whirlpools. So we're with a bathtub. Since we have a shower, we have two bathrooms, a western-style bathroom, wash hand basin, toilet and bathtub, the other with a shower, hand wash and shower only. Again, the decisions are "what is your home?" Answered by question.

Type of Cuisine – Thai Style or Western Style Kitchen

The style of the kitchen you choose to build another area that can have a great impact on the house . Traditionally, Thai dishes are prepared for cooking on the floor. Despite the fact that our house has Western style cuisine in the UK, my wife is still "on the floor to pound the ingredient, such as nam prick." Thai food is often cooked on a heat source or up to two heat sources, one for rice and one for a pot, for example Levest. According to custom, Thai kitchens are traditionally very simple and do not have tall waist-toped tops and baking ovens like a Western-style kitchen Thai cuisine is often not a closed room in modern Thai houses, but is a simple, exterior roof area, sometimes a short table and sink.

So it is not really necessary to pay for a Western-style kitchen, , cabinet, hob, grill, hob, etc. You need a fridge in Thailand, but there are no Thai kitchens freezer or washing machine for clothes or utensils. Again, the Thai retired house is designed with a Western style kitchen with a long granite counter and an integrated double sink, fridge and freezer. However, locking cabinets, drawers and washing machines is not part of the current system, but can be provided later.

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