The History of Solitaire

From the middle of the 18th century, man was a simple answer when he was alone and had nothing to do with Solitaire. Perfect for wasting your idle time. Interesting. Entertaining. Easy. And when things are disappointing, fraud is okay.

Solitaire was so popular that it followed us in the digital age. Almost all computers have Windows installed, and one of the default games has been a solitaire since the beginning. Realistic cards have been replaced by digital cards and are still fine games. Love for Solitaire is what non-PC users understand.

Like every big and big thing, no one can make sure that the card game was created. Like the astronomer and when the fire is created, the real origin of the passionate is lost over time. There are no records that indicate the truth. You just find some traces.

There are enough tips left in history to suggest that the solitaire comes from northern Europe, such as Scandinavia or the Baltic Sea. These are very cold regions that suffer in winter where the sun is barely visible under the "sun". Somehow this is a very parenting place for the game. According to many theories, it was originally a form of misfortune. This is in a sense. He shows us a blinding picture of a lonely man at the holiday home who leaves time and asks: When is the day coming back? Very cold.

Regardless of their origin, the propagation of the solitaire is widespread. At the beginning of the 19th century, he started out to France. At that time France was a trend-maker. He was freed from the Monarchy and bought it back. It also popularized the metric system. France was very cool at that time and other European nations liked French leadership because they penetrated countries that are not (and still) hot and women.

Famous people said they played passionately like you and me. In exile, Napoleon Bonaparte, the French Emperor and European Chef played solitaire. What else did you do on a vague island?

In other countries, solicitude is solicitous. Napoleon knew this name. Apart from another name, there are different versions of the game. Many of these passions are luckily called Napoleon or an exiled island like Napoleon Square, Napoleon in St. Louis. Helena etc.

Today, solitaire is present everywhere in computer systems. There are few people left in the world who do not know how to play solitaire. It's unfortunate they can not play together.

Source by Jonathan J Russell

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