Are you traveling to Thailand in 2018?

Millions of tourists are in Thailand each year, and many appreciate this exotic country. However, the question remains: is it safe to travel to Thailand? Street security in Thailand should be followed if you want a smooth, enjoyable vacation. Thai scams abound, and tourists have to be very vigilant. Here's a list of street security tips and scams that take care of your holiday.

Road Safety Tips

  1. Take care of the tuk-tuks, who suddenly move to a weird restaurant instead of a favorite place. These are supporters and restaurants, and usually complicit. You might get worse food you do not plan on eating and you pay too much money on it.
  2. Thailand's security in the streets has now become a priority for the government, but pocket thieves and thieves are still in a crowded place. Watch out for these pickets who are just hiding.
  3. In the Red Light district of Bangkok, Patpong, I offer great caution to those tourists who are attracted to these beautiful ladyboys and then ask for money in an aggressive way.

Fraud to Watch

  1. "This attraction is closed" scam

This is one of the cheats in Thailand that many tourists fall. When tourists arrive at a famous place, someone approaches you and tells you that the attraction is closed to the day and then says that you can take an alternative attraction where you will eventually have to buy oversized items such as clothes or gems in a store.

  1. The Tuk-Tuk scam

It's a scam that sadly has a lot of tourists but it's not announced because people are looking only in the other direction. Tuk-tuk drivers pay 20 baht for the tour (an over-estimated amount because riding is only around 10 baht) and goes around and makes a longer journey that will result in more time than usual. Finally, they load more than 20 baht.

  1. The "fake gem" scam

While there are many legitimate gemstones in Thailand, beware of fake gem shops that offer tremendous discounts on expensive gemstones. They also persuade you to sell these gems at wholesale prices and kill them when you resell the country. These scammers preach to tourists who do not know the real gems from fakes. Be careful, because at the end you can buy worthless glass pieces or other weaker materials.

Thailand is a well-known travel destination. Smile Land is a really nice place to visit. At the same time, like any of the famous travel places where millions of tourists spend, security and safety are to be considered a priority. Watch these street security tips and take care of the above mentioned scams. When you visit Thailand without any difficulty, you will surely have an unforgettable experience.

Source by Anna Stafford

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