Thailand's riot: Packaging strategies for the approaching conspiracy

A strange thing happened on my way to my closet. This unforgettable journey in my shower confirmed an epoch theory: there is a lot to do under fifteen feet.

One night before I turned on the news that in Budapest and in Hungary civil unrest was visible. August's sister was there, I thought. Large, old buildings turned behind burning cars. Like many, I was surprised: what's wrong with the world? Some of these countries …

At that time, there was no physical feeling my foot had in my mouth. I did not notice her presence. Fast forward 24 hours, and enter the studio apartment in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I was wiping the towel from my wet hair as the news agent spoke, "Another country today is confused." Ho hum, here we go again. Where are my pajamas? As I entered the television, her words sounded "The tanks entered Bangkok in a reported coup attempt."

Do you know the moments of life when it spins around the continuity of space time? Everything is hanging, but your mind is processing more than three million random thoughts. Where I stand. Only then did I notice that my foot was deep into the count. I kept one step behind in .25 seconds and turned my head right, all of the following thoughts.

The news agent spoke badly. Get to know her work!

It means she is hungry.

Buy a map.

What is it?

Mama will be terrible.

Wait, I'm 40

Mama will be a guy.

The mind goes even to comments in Budapest. I deserved.

What did you say in fact?

Eek! What to do?


No. Do not pack.

Stay calm.


In my own way too much stuff!

I'm not breathing.

Tapping at the end of the bed I look at three channels at one time in more than an hour. I decided to keep up with the coup. But! Maybe I'm packing a bag. It would only be a bag, the essence of what a person needs if the quick exit is close to him, of course you have to sleep in the running shoe, okay, I did this last part (my running shoes are in the gym).

Then came the slow motion, my eyes dotted the room Books, pans, bedding, electronics, a little inventory for a small camera store and clothes, lots of clothes – I was embedded in spite of my vow. ]

It was not the first time I moved my small home, I always planned to move to South Thailand in the spring, and this was not the case at the time of the week that I had to go to extra things a few days before Thailand suddenly tightened tens of thousands of more long-term travelers than me, they have to leave the country in ninety days, and we can not go back for three months. 59003]

The coup is a completely new perspective. I was worried that I needed to buy another suitcase to relocate my expensive stuff. In panic I only took important things. Money, laptop, camera body and an objective, debit cards, ID cards, some clothes and three packs of dry pasta. My backpack was just full. I went back to the room again.

sleep prevailed. Perspectives returned. In the morning I went to school and simply put my bag on the floor to find missing lingerie. After all, I'm in Chiang Mai, not in Bangkok. But my unpacked condition was not.

At school, my teacher was shaken. There were soldiers across the city. They are in closed schools, hospitals and local businesses. There were tanks on super motorways. They are in Chiang Mai.

Half of the students did not show up, others slept. I packed it again in my mind. I did not pick up anything in my class. Nobody is wiser because we were there. The strategies have changed. It was time to organize it. I'm only in the case of & # 39; bag expanded. On the way, I stopped at the mall at home and bought the most spectacular blue suitcase I've ever seen from space. There is no doubt now that the female space travel is facing Asia and wearing sunglasses. Unfortunately, it was a half price.

It was generally lively, and the atmosphere of the mall was half asleep. Store sales representatives are on standby. And I, our only buyer, bought a suitcase. This is probably the business of Thailand's economy.

I went, I felt as if I was wearing a scarlet letter – a large blue scarlet leaf. He said "T" to the traitor. "C" chick chanted. I have already learned all of my limited Thai vocabulary in the "only case". The light of my dagger can not be hidden. Shame came in. In the rain I decided not to pack anything.

And the pace continues. When I got home I turned on the phone and listened. The northern borders of Laos and Myanmar have been closed. Borders! Closed? Laos! That was my imagined escape route. The roller coaster continues. As I write, it has been less than twenty-four hours since the first report of the Bangkok tanks. I write and think. Will the coupons affect the airline's luggage limit? How much can I pack?

Source by Nola Kelsey

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