Thailand Yellow Ribbon

Do not set the color of the TV. No blur on the screen. What you saw in the news was no illusion. When the Thai soldiers set up a coup they are done with style and gentleness. This is true! Their colorful fashion sense is in fact the reason why no shooting should be fired during the rebellion.

Only in a Buddhist country soldiers would have been involved in a coup, with decorative yellow ribbons associated with their weapons. Yellow flowers were ribbons and coordinated armbands of anger. Amazing how many people love this kingdom?

What exactly is the story behind the yellow? Was his military policy: "To tie the old AK (47) yellow ribbon? "It is a strange respect for the Thai military style of Blackwell, all of which is perfectly simple

You know, in Thailand, different colors represent the various days of the week.The yellow is Monday and it was Monday that day, when Bhumibol Adulyadej's master was born, so the yellow is his royal color, Bhumibol Adulyadej is a king and a great honor of his people, and in every country, flags and flags shine like sunshine to honor His Royal Highnesses

This year, the Yellow Fever progressed gradually, the year 2006 was the 60th anniversary of the king's rise, the world's longest serving ruler (Elizabeth II is the second longest, but he is more of a beige girl.) Anniversary turns yellow shirts every day of the week, the costumes of Thailand come as a loyalty and respect for His Majesty.

stylish shirts with the spine of the king are so popular here that they have been charged with pricing and lack of temporary shirts. So many Thai feelings are blue – the queen's color. Others were envious of greens.

Can this scenario be; It's in the store when you suddenly get an urgent mango question. You turn around to find only one employee who finds out Monday. As you look at the beach of yellow shirts, you know that everything is lost. You can not tell the staff from the buyers.

Yes, yellow takes seriously in Thailand. Definitely this year's new black. So when the soldiers fired a yellow decoration on their arms in Bangkok, they received a message, too easy to see the dapper. "Here we are, with all respect for our king." By the time the international news channels touched the blood red blooding, the children climbed the tanks, the vendors brought ice cream to the troops, along with the military equipment the tourists and the florists distributed roses to the soldiers – yellow roses. Yes, there was rest in peace, or as a reporter said, "This is the most enthusiastic coup I've ever seen." Must be Mellow Yellow.

Source by Nola Kelsey

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