Thailand – My Favorite Foods

I thought I would like to offer a comprehensive list of "Thai foods", but I decided that there were too many and listed the foods I like best. So … The list below contains a short list of your favorite Thai dishes.

Fried Rice – I love Thai style pork rice for breakfast. This base is fried rice with tomatoes, onions, thai spices like lime and chili, at the end dropped.

Thai omelette – Thai omelette is simple but delicious, made from eggs, chilies, onions, pork and other stuff. Chilik is spicy and Thai. The omelette is served with white rice.

Som Tum or Papaya Salad – som tum is a spicy salad consisting mainly of tomato, chilli, garlic, lime and fresh papaya chopped with fish sauce. Thais love this dish SPICY, so be careful.

Hoi tod – a mixture of eggs and mussels (or oysters) spiced with spices, namely white pepper. This is served on a fresh bean sprout bed. This often happens on the street and I like to be mine crisp.
Pork Salad by La moo today or – this is a mixture of tanned pork chili, fish sauce, tomato sauce, chopped shallots, mixed before serving. It is often served with instant noodles. This is another hot meal, so be careful.

Winged Salad – It is very similar to the above dish, but is more tomato-based and added to chopped fresh beans and cooked in the end. Delicious.

Glass Noodle Salad – glassy pasta made from green beans, very thin, and absorbs the taste of the accompanying food very nicely.

Fried Grouper – This is a simple baked seafood. What makes my favorite is the spice they serve. The English name is made with seafood sauce and finely chopped green chili and garlic in the fish sauce. Very spicy and tasty.

Common Spices

  • Fish Sauce – pale and salty amber liquid
  • Seafood sauce – green, smooth, spicy, chili and garlic dip
  • Soy sauce – tangy and salty brown liquid
  • Red pepper – dried chopped red chili
  • Vinegar – served with freshly chopped chilli
  • Sugar

The longer I live in Thailand, the more the list grows. When visiting Thailand, I ask you to try as many things as possible, but keep in mind that most Westerners cannot eat the Thais grass level, not without practice.

Source by Christopher Snyder

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