Thai Visual Art in Elementary Classroom

King Vajiravudh or VI. Despite technological, economic and scientific developments, the world recognizes that the world recognizes Thailand. Here it is necessary to raise awareness of cultural heritage and pride among children and young people in Thailand. The concept of art education in Thailand focuses on the development of personal and creative instincts and styles. According to Section 23 of the National Education Act, compulsory education extends up to the age of nine, with knowledge of the history, culture, traditions, art forms and sports of Thailand.

Art is an essential element of the school curriculum in elementary classes. This includes primarily three forms of fine arts, visual arts, performing arts and music. Elementary Art Education in Thailand is designed to make children aware of the different forms of art and their cultural heritage. It aims to educate children about the usefulness of artistic forms in expressing the feelings of the people of different cultures.

Many instructors believe that Asian students, including Thais, have passive participation in classroom teaching. Classroom teaching focuses on describing the art form rather than encouraging children to make their own. Here, these kids stay quieter and stop asking questions. The aim of the art curriculum is to create a passion for the child to understand and use the art form in real life. Creating a creative mind is vital for every art form. Creativity can create your identity in society. Teachers should try to accept this concept in the minds of children.

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