Why do you need your business on a blog – and why big companies need to pay attention, business blogs

I was interested in how people and organizations affect technology, and rarely how do they affect my pocket and yours. Believe it or not, blogs are rapidly evolving from normal online magazines and journals to powerful, effective marketing tools that are already shaping the advertising and marketing process. There are over 35 million blogs, every day 40,000 new blogs are launched. The blogosphere – the world of blogs – doubles every 5 months! Some blogs have millions of readers per month, while the organization's website appears to be a boring poster. If the body is not listening, something happens, it may be deserted!

While most companies and companies have static and boring web pages, content remains unchanged for weeks, months, and years! Internet users generally do not have more reason to visit a site again and again, unless they want to buy something or want to have current content. Large companies are already paying attention to the problems they cause; from whistling (dipotepede and deoluakinyemi wonderful banking blogs) on MLMs, customers & # 39; complaints filed in the forums (nairaland user word created UBA hidden COT awards on savings accounts, online Village Square protests in Nigeria and British Airways saga). Your business cannot afford to close their eyes because it was the next big phenomenon because the Internet itself … has given the small business leverage to compete with other companies – and the growing profiles of blogs can do all the business – including yours – Shakes up. No longer is a regular online diary; it becomes a strong business weapon. No matter what kind of business you have, you need to pay attention before a single company starts the business.

Blogs have gradually become potential voices in mass media, advertising, and marketing campaigns. Blogs are responsible for breaking the stories before telecommunications, including the capture of Saddam Hussein. A 20-year-old Nick Ciarelli, still a pin apple can not sit. Your blog is a reliable source of information about Apple computers. planned introductions. This blog has created a hot spot for both competitors and customers. Someone decided to open a blog to McDonald's to "talk about the customer's experience of the world's largest fast food chain," and consumers spoke. There is a uploaded clip on YouTube exploding dell product; this forced Dell computers to withdraw 4.1 million parts of the defective model from the market. The unhappy customer of United Airlines has angrily created a website, the problems of untied.com united airlines, even the arrogant Nigerian British Airways could not ignore the internet community in the Nigerian village, and their signature collection is protested by an airline in the Nigerian people at the airport. MTN, Biggs, and other companies should pay attention – perhaps the next or a competitor will come. Mr. Edet (not a real name) met the company and lost the web design and branding contract, only a 28-year-old boy working on his father's home dining table. While Mr. Edet operates a 12-person company in the Ike of an office space running on his website; The young guy is working alone at home with a blog and a suggestion he made.

Blogs are powerful marketing and innovation tools besides consumer revenge portals. There are millions of books that are written daily on business blogs. Business Week has indicated on its cover that "Blogs are changing your business" and often every business needs blogging as a business tool. I am convinced that one of the users of Nairaland, who asked a question about the bank's PHB services, is trying to make an almost cost-free survey of how the services work and this is a stunning straight-line 2-d response. Most foreign companies are already installing blogs on their website, or encouraging employees to blog, and many are starting their business blogging advice.
Blogs can help companies in many ways:

“Give the company personalities and add personal relationships and interactivity to your website and brand. Thus, brand trust and customer retention. blogs, investments, goods or services, although they have never met them.

"They offer a fantastic system for publishing company programs, opinions, values ​​and products on the market

" Search engines love blogs like websites. Because of their dynamic content, regular readership, and compatibility with social networks, blogs distribute traffic to the site.

"Because the Internet is a fragmented trade, SMEs (businesses) can become a popular infrastructure for almost one night. Ability to deliver excellent and quality products and services Blogs will make a huge difference in how to obtain and retain customers, deliver goods and services, and deliver market research.

Source by Deola Kayode

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