Sweden's Famous Locations

Sweden is likely to use the country in the middle of the midnight, ABBA, Volvo and Saab's homeland, and one of the most peaceful nations in the world (200 years without war). With this reputation, Sweden is difficult to hit as a traveling magnet.

The capital, Stockholm, is undoubtedly the most beautiful and beautiful of two or more worlds. Tourists go to the city for shopping, nightclubs, waterways, museums and parks. It is interesting to note that while Stockholm is definitely the modern and first world, the attractions include a medieval cobblestone streets. This Gamla Stan, a charming, maze complex with gift shops and ice creams, is the pleasure of every visitor.

Another sight in Stockholm is Skansen, a hilltop charming outdoor museum. The original opened in 1891 now features 150 traditional traditional homes that reflect Swedish life from previous generations. Prisoners of these houses were suitably dressed in contemporary costumes, making it a spectacular location that was internationally seriously discovered elsewhere.

Stockholm as the whole of Sweden, mainly for outdoor activities. The most common leisure activities are skiing, canoeing, hiking and cycling. Berry picking, when the season allows, is much less recognized, but is another favorite activity. Although cycling or hiking is possible in the area of ​​a single stone burial or even at the burial site of a historic king. This is evidence that Sweden has become much more distressed when the Vikings have destroyed all the villages incredibly far from the peaceful and neutral position of the region.

It is the optimal time to travel to Sweden in some of June-September when weather conditions are the most beautiful. It is important to note that the world of light varies widely throughout Sweden. In December, the day in Stockholm lasts usually 15 hours.

Swedish is the national language, but almost all Swedish speak good English. More Swedes also think of heavy coffee makers who likes vodka too. The world-famous Absolut Vodka comes from Sweden.

In a disadvantage, the cost of everyday life in Sweden is quite high. Even though cheaper choices are available if you are looking for them 1.

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