Journey to Oahu – Experience Hawaii as a Local

Millions of visitors every year from Japan, US Land and Outside the Earth

Honolulu International Airport is ready for vacation in paradise. Soon after

landing, most visitors hop on a taxi or bus from the hotel and start traveling

located downtown and the Waikiki Hotel.

Waikiki's appeal is immediate. Stuffed streets, the sounds of the beach and

exotic stories call the traveler who will soon reach the streets. return movement

Waikiki can be very exciting. The streets are full of foreign languages ​​and masses

the tourists dressed in the beach is best and the beginning of surf history can be

is visible at the end of the street. Waikiki can be so exciting that many visitors never

to escape from his imaginary boundaries. About 6 million such visitors are missing

places that locals want to stay within two square miles of Waikiki

For travelers who are interested in Oahu residents


Magic Island Beach Park – This popular park lies just west of

Waikiki, on the Ala Moana shopping mall street. The park is included

two beaches, a three mile jogging track, tennis courts and more. Walk a

park will end the Hawaiian culture center – the family. Big family

gather around the bugs, the sun is accompanied by a good meal and lots of

V The beaches are considerably less crowded, so a great day, grilling

and go down to the beach on Magic Island!

The Contemporary Museum Honolulu – This small museum is located

high on the ridge of Makiki Heights Drive. The upshot of the ridge offers a wonderful view

that most of Oahu visitors would not have accepted. A relatively small museum

offers five exhibitions in five galleries. After being moved to the galleries, the visitors

can walk to the statue's garden. Here's the true glory

museum was revealed. The 3.5-acre statue and the meditative gardens are open

Offering some of the most amazing views of the public and Honolulu. Leong Cafe – Many visitors look more like fun than lu;

are after the great Hawaiian food. But if you care about a real local

style Hawaiian food, you can not beat Leong's Cafe in 2330 North King Street.

A favorite of discus lunches, pastry pork, roasted stew, lomi lomi and many other locals

has been visiting this cafe for more than 50 years!

Champion Malasadas – Local Malasadas treatments are so popular

that Fat Tuesday was baptized by Malasada Day in Hawaii

islands. One of the best and most famous bakery is Champion Malasadas

In 1926 in South Beretania. These lightweight Portuguese holes come in

and without uploading and is fully worth the effort to get them!

Honolulu Chinatown – Walk the streets of Chinatown as a

to go to another time and place. Whether you're looking for a dim amount, it's fresh
(19459002), a craft leis or a new hipstand, you will definitely find it in Chinatown.

The streets and shops are exotic, they offer objects that are not found in a typical American

is vegetable. Guided walking tours are available for this historic quarter, but often a

The best way is to simply walk through the streets, stopping if you're interested

If you're interested in seeing Oahu in the eyes of locals, be sure to fill some

time outside Waikiki. Stay at some or all of the listed sites and watch some

about the fact that Hawaii is special.

Source by Michelle Linden

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