Sapphire: The Gem of Wisdom and Cleanliness

All corundum (alumina), which is not red, is called sapphire. The word sapphire is the Greek "sappheiros" meaning blue. However, sapphire is not just blue. Sapphires can be yellow, green, brown, purple or pink depending on the presence of different types of minerals. For example, the presence of chromium results in a pink sapphire and the presence of iron results in yellow and green sapphires.

Sapphires are found primarily in Sri Lanka, India and Burma. Indian sapphires come from Kashmir. They are blue and are the finest blue sapphires. Sri Lanka sapphire is the most common, typically light-medium blue. The majority of fancy sapphires available in the jewelery industry come from Sri Lanka. The most popular of these ornate sapphires are yellow, or golden and pink. The pink orange is the rarest and most expensive one.

Sapphires can be found in Thailand and Australia, in dark blue. Gemstones from these two countries generally belong to the cheap and the average price category of sapphire precious stones available on the jewelery market. Montana is the only important source of sapphire in the United States. The sapphire produced is an attractive metal in blue. In China, Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria, they are also a source of hot springs recently.

Most of the sapphire pearls sold today boosted their color, most often with heating. The purpose of heat treatment is to enrich the color and improve the purity of the stone. By this method, colorless or shiny stones can become brilliant blue or yellow. Depending on the original material and the type of heating process, the heat treatment of the precious stones can produce many results. For example, sapphires containing rutile (titanium dioxide) crystals can be evaluated by heating and rapid cooling. This would result in the rutile crystals being dissolved in the corundum and the gem becomes clear. Colorless or pale blue stones become rich blue when heated without the presence of oxygen. However, if these stones are in the presence of oxygen, they will be yellow. Most yellow sapphires were treated in this way.

Sapphires were of great significance in the past societies. For example, mystic Jews considered the blue jewels a secret message too. The Persians believed that the world rests on a giant sapphire, and that heaven is a reflection of the stone's color. In Europe, during the Middle Ages, the sapphires were anti-poison antiperspirants. Although sapphires exist in many colors, the traditionally blue is the most popular and most valuable. Blue sapphire beads were widely used in royal jewels, and church rings were considered the most suitable stone. It is known that this is the truth and good health.

Gems are beautiful, rare and durable. The beauty of the gemstone has collapsed over time. The gem can glitter in a glossy many years. It has a lasting value and many people like it. Here beautiful pieces of gemstone jewelry are created and are widely used in personal decoration as well as gifts for friends and loved ones. All these beautiful objects are always loved and worshiped by gifts.

Sapphire's birthday in September. As such, a jewel of this gem makes a perfect elegant birthday present for those born in that month. Sapphire is the fifth anniversary of the 45th anniversary. In a jewel this gem can also be a great anniversary for these years. He was impressed that this beautiful gem could be made with different jewels, such as rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches, and pendants. With so many items, you never get any gift ideas.

Some people buy precious stones for their collection. These gems are fascinating and enjoy the collection of pieces that you like.

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