Malaysia Routes

You will find that most Malaysian routes begin in Kuala Lumpur or KL capital, as is commonly known. This home of the bustling town is the source of different cultures and traditions, each of which has its own stamp and effect on the city and its development. Various regions and attractions to visit and visit during your stay; I suggest you visit the world-famous Petronas Towers or the KL Tower with a great view of the city. Alternatively, KL's quieter experience, walk to the KLCC Bird Park and Lake Gardens, a relaxing walk from the noise of the busy city. Want to try some local delicacies on your Malaysian trip, I would suggest you buy a cheap, tasty bite in the bustling area of ​​China Town. Then your Malaysian travel plan can take the capital to Taman Negara (Malaysian best known national park) and stay in a small wooden cottage between the canopy of rainforests. There are a variety of activities in the park that you can sign up for, jungle trekking, fishing, a canopy walk or even a night safari.

The cooler climate of the Cameron Mountains welcomed the rescue in the humid rainforest of Taman Negara, and people are generally Malaysian. Excursions can be organized at the Boh Tea Estate, where visitors can discover what exactly is involved in tea cultivation and production. I suggest that as part of your Malaysian trip you can treat yourself with a cup of local tea with a cream and jam adhesive!

During a trip to the beach on a trip to Penang, one should not forget about traveling to Malaysia. The island's capital Georgetown is full of colonial history and local Malay culture, from spiritual temples to beautiful facades. On the island, a personal sightseeing jumps a trishaw around the city. I think this is the best way on the island and the most enjoyable.

Pulau Penang is a short cruise to Langkawi Island. This island is the ideal place for a trip to Malaysia, so much so that the island can guarantee a whole two-week stay. This island is one of the most developed islands in Malaysia and offers many accommodations, bars and restaurants and attractions for children and adults of all ages. During your time, go to the Aquarium, the Crocodile Parade or the Madara Parade, or take part in one of the many water sports on the island. Do some slower pace then go to local spas or golf courses. However, if you stayed in the shade of palm trees with a good book on the beach, the more you thought, Langkawi has everything.

These are purely Malaysia's basic travel experiences and if you have a long time Travel Plan . Happy Trip!

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