Routes and trains in the United States of America

Before we get to US routes, let's see what we can expect.

Well, let me ask him before.

Why are the kids falling on the trains?

Movies, legends, obsessions, stories, and songs include those that created the adventure experience of a train. And this is our adventurous side. So the kids fall on the trains. You probably did the same thing as a kid.

I remember doing it by train, but not with buses or airplanes.

Through Mississippi. Call me Dodge City. Look at the governors on the Kansas plain. Sailing on the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean. Discover the Rocky Mountains. Watch a movie. Go to the bar for a drink. Cross deserts and rivers, all of which can take you by train.

In addition. Stretch your leg, walk along the train on the front or the back. Enjoy meals. SzundĂ­tson. Read the book and spend quality time with your children. Kids just love trains. Think about it.

Last night December 3, 2006 I returned from France to Eurostar. I noticed a family, Mom's Dad's 5 children, different ages. The eldest with the headphones, but at least did not bother the brothers, asking questions. They both wrote, drawn, talked to mom or dad.

Mother betrayed the food and was very organized. Dad, who holds the bit and nourishes the bit. And that was just a 5-hour trip. How much did they learn?

We all know that travel broadens the mind.

Amtrak proved to be extremely useful. Participants do not want to pamper themselves. It has a spacious, quiet place in the air-conditioned carriages, which also have observation domes.

The whole journey is a wonderful picture. Inserted into your memory. I know that many years later I remember my journeys in America and they know they will never leave.

For many years I've been supporting the train for many years.

is fun.

This is an adventure.


This is the experience.

You will not suffer from jetlag.

This holiday is by itself. Spend a day here and there. As you choose.

Here are more. There is much less pollution than trains, especially airplanes.

A much harder note. I hope that any of you who has bad experience with other forms of travel will find that I have read the articles on my site …

You can travel the world without a plane

Let the train win the fracture.

All Aboard

All namespaces preceded by "The" or "The Cardinal"

Adirondack New York – Montreal

New Orleans Chicago – New Orleans

Northeast Corridor Boston – Newport News

Northeast Corridor Boston – Newport News

New York City – New Orleans


Northeast Corridor New Haven – Spri ngfield (Boston)

Pacific Surfliner Los Angeles – San Diego

San Joaquin San Francisco – Bakersfield

Silver Star New York – Miami

Silver Meteor New York – Miami

Southwest Boss Chicago – Los Angeles

Sunset Limited Orlando – Los Angeles

Vermonter Washington – St Albans (Montreal)


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