Riches and Access – Effects on Internet Entrepreneurs

The concept of wealth and access, as Evans and Wurster illustrate in Blown to Bits (1999), significantly contributed to the Understanding Internet Business Strategy

This argument is in a nutshell:

Information economics and physical things economics are fundamentally different from each other. When tangible goods are sold, the seller no longer owns it. If you sell an idea, software, or research paper, the seller still has and may sell it again.

Information can be reproduced at any remarkable cost and on the Internet at very low cost. In addition to information, tangible goods are based on location and are often worn out.

In the traditional economy of things, products are subject to universal law – trade between wealth and accessibility. As products are imported into physical delivery mode, companies can choose to have a very "rich" product or a lot of "reach", that is to say, they have a wide audience, either in terms of geographic spread or customer target width. The meaning of "richness" may vary according to context; For example, a scientific research publication or a sophisticated stereo information is rich. The scientific research page shows a very small audience at a particular location, while the sophisticated stereo is very unique and expensive. Therefore, "access" is low.

Also comes online. The more tangible products and information knots will dissolve, the more obsolete the compromise between richness and reach. A good corporate internet strategy enhances wealth and existing business strategy at the same time.

In the case of digital or fully digitizable products, trade between riches and availability does not exist. We can add as much wealth as we want, and we still have a global reach. A very "rich" business can be described as a very specific one. In fact, new Internet businesses must be very rich on the Internet, so they have to be very "niche".

Specifically, the theme or theme of the web site, the more targeted Visitors will find that the search engines come to the web site. On the one hand, content with very "rich" content on the top of the search engines will be easier, and on the other hand – regardless of the web page revenue model – the conversion rate will be higher than traffic targeted. Since "access" is available on the Internet and requires only the limitation of the language, you must truly win the "riches" in online shops.

Source by Svend Nelson

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