Using Claypots for Healthy Cooking – Beginner's Guide

If you're looking for a healthy new brewing mode, why not try Asian-style ground foods?

Claypot Cooking is a lot of ancient technique of Romans, Etruscans, Chinese, Indian, Mexican and Moroccan cultures. In Asia, clay has been widely used for cooking for centuries. From China, Vietnam, Thailand, Southeast Asia to the Indian subcontinent, an indispensable tool for clay pots in all well-equipped kitchens. In fact, foods are often served by clay pots to tell people how they cooked.

Clay pots are used to scald soups, pasta and porridge, roasting, steaming meats and vegetables. By claypot exploration, clay pots can be used for frying and grilling for meat, vegetables, tofu, rice and pasta baking. Many dishes belong to this unique cooking style – clay rice, claypot chicken and so on.

Porous quality of the clay, such as kitchenware, creates a damp and enclosed environment. When the claypot is soaked in water and heated in an oven, it is ideal for a healthier meal with less oil, without losing nutrients. In today's health conscious world, using claypots for cooking is a wonderful way to reduce the fat content, but still retain natural foods.

The clay pots are directly related to the heat source, whether it is an electric stove, charcoal, microwave oven or grill. Claypots distribute heat evenly and far more quickly, bringing natural flavors and less energy. The fruit juices released by the food can not escape and are thus locked in the claypot. It is not necessary to add extra oils and greases and the food does not dry out.

How to Get Started

Careful selection and selection of high quality claypot is important. Clay pots have different diameters and volume. Choose a size that matches the target and the desired number of doses. Brown and black are the typical claypot colors. There are kits, bowls and all kinds of clay supplements such as food heaters and teapots.

It's wise to spend some time trying to identify the supplier of high quality authentic clay trailers. There are some handling instructions for washing the claypot. In general, you do not have to soak a good quality claypot. Next, we need to learn how to properly cook a claypot using a claypot cooking class from where you live or through a demonstration through an experienced cook or a recipe cook book. For the baking process, it is crucial to combine the right amount of ingredient and water in a claypot. This is best learned by an expert.

Finally, some maintenance is required. Clay pots should be handled with care to retain their unique materials for their next use.

Claypot cooking can enjoy enjoyable cooking, not to mention health benefits. Once started, a whole new world of luscious recipes will open.

Source by Wilson P. H. Tan

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